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What is the table for BP role in SAP?

What is the table for BP role in SAP?

BUT100 is a standard SAP Table which is used to store BP: Roles data and is available within R/3 SAP systems depending on the version and release level.

How do you restrict BP in SAP?

Enter tables usotb/usobt_x and enter BP as the transaction code and click on display. The object B_BUPR_BZT is checked in BP transaction. Since you want in display mode, you should restrict the activity to 03. If not, the users get access to change mode as well in BP.

What are the important tables in SAP security?

Security Tables

Security Tables
AGR_USERS Assignment of roles to users
USOBT Relation transaction to authorization object (SAP)
USOBT_C Relation Transaction to Auth. Object (Customer)
USOBX Check table for table USOBT

How do you check BP in SAP?

Create / Change / Display in BP (Business Partner)

  1. Goto the Authorizations tab and click on change icon and on the next screen search for the Authorization Object B_BUPA_RLT.
  2. Now we will add BP views to the RLTYP, click on change icon and select the relevant views.
  3. Here we have added views “000000” & “FLVN00”.

What is BP relationship in SAP?

Definition. A business partner relationship represents the business connection between two business partners.

How do I add a contact to SAP BP?

To create a contact person which can be used as Partner Function you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to the Maintain Business Partner App.
  2. Create a business partner with type ‘Person’.
  3. Assign the BP role ‘Contact Person’ Fill the data and save.
  4. Go to sub header ‘Relationships’ of this contact person BP.

What is BP grouping in SAP?

A business partner grouping categorizes the business partners and it is also called as Number range. During Business partners creation, the number assignments will be determined by a grouping. External Number range– We have to assign number manually during creation of business partners.

How do you unblock BP in SAP?


  1. First, an unblocking request needs to be made in the “Unblock Request” App.
  2. After the unblocking request has been created use the “Unblock Master Data – Business Partner” to complete the unblocking process.

What are AGR tables in SAP?

AGR* tables contains data about roles. USH* table has change documents information. Extraction of SAP Security Table Names. You can use SQVI or SE16 to get data from these tables.

What is SAP BP grouping?

How do you find BP grouping in SAP?

To define business partner role categories, follow the menu path Cross-Application Components > SAP Business Partner > Business Partner > Basic Settings > Define BP Roles.