Why did The California Raisins stop?

Why did The California Raisins stop?

Decline. Although popular with the public, the California Raisin campaign eventually failed because its production cost the raisin growers almost twice their earnings.

What movie were The California Raisins in?

Meet the Raisins!
Meet the Raisins! is a 1988 claymation television special directed by Will Vinton, featuring the advertising characters The California Raisins.

Are the California Raisins worth anything?

Dotz values the “Michael” California Raisin, a PVC 4-foot high figure from the 1980s, at $15. The value is due more to it being a California Raisin collectible than a Michael Jackson collectible. PVC figures of the original raisin characters typically sell for under $3.

How many California Raisin characters are there?

It takes place in a world populated by anthropomorphic fruits and vegetables and focuses on the main characters, the California Raisins: A.C. (vocals), Beebop (drums), Stretch (bass), and Red (guitar/piano). Each episode has one or more musical numbers, all of which were originally performed by most Motown artists.

Are the California Raisins worth money?

How many California Raisins figures were there?

FIVE figures
Set of FIVE figures includes: raisins with a trumpet, boom box, guitar, surf board and roller skates.

Are California Raisins worth any money?

Who gave out California Raisins?

Will Vinton
Will Vinton, an Academy Award-winning filmmaker who coined the term Claymation to describe the three-dimensional animated clay figures he used in his work, including the wildly popular California Raisins advertising campaign of the 1980s, died Oct.

How much are the California Raisins from Mcdonald’s worth?

Who Sold California Raisins?

Product Description. Vintage 1988 California Raisin figures were a Hardee’s give-away.

How much are my California Raisins worth?

Do the California Raisins have names?

Buddy Miles
Leslie SmithHoward A Smith
The California Raisins/Members