Who plays Jenny in the following?

Who plays Jenny in the following?

Susan Misner
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What is Susan Misner?

She continued to work in film, including roles in “The Hoax” (2006) and “Gigantic” (2008), but Misner became a more regular face on TV with recurring roles in a number of hit shows such as “Rescue Me” (FX 2004-2011), “Gossip Girl” (CW 2007-2012), “In Treatment” (HBO 2008-2010), “The Good Wife” (CBS 2009-16), “Person of …

Who plays Simone canning?

Simone Canning is portrayed by actress Susan Misner, who can be seen as Sandra Beeman, wife of FBI Agent Stan Beeman, on The Americans. TV viewers might also recognize her as Stacey on Nashville, Jessica on Person of Interest, and Alison Humphrey on Gossip Girl.

Who plays Lisa Calabrese?

Susan MisnerTom Clancy’s Jack Ryan
Lisa Calabrese/Played by

Paterson, New Jersey, U.S. Susan Misner (/ˈmɪsnər/; born February 8, 1971) is an American actress and dancer.

Who plays Karen in rescue me?

Susan A. Ashton is an actress, known for Rescue Me (2004).

How old is Susan Misner?

51 years (February 8, 1971)
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Who is Tess in fringe?

Susan Misner is an American actress who plays Tess Amaral on Fringe.

Who played Samantha Weaver on SVU?

Samantha Weaver is the main antagonist from “Corner Office”, episode 17.10 of Law & Order. She was portrayed by Susan Misner, who also played Dr. Marks in Gotham.

Who is the ambassador to Venezuela in Jack Ryan?

Lisa Calabrese
Behind The Scenes Lisa Calabrese is a character that appears in Season 2 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan. She is the U.S. Ambassador to Venezuela.

What happens with candy and Lou rescue me?

The big event in this week’s episode of Rescue Me was Lou’s (John Scurti) wedding. Lou and Candy tied the knot and finally some questions I have been asking for weeks were answered. However, they only dated for about a week because Sheila was scared of Tommy and felt that he was trouble.

Who played Karen on Rescue Me?

Who played Sandra Beeman?

Susan MisnerThe Americans
Sandra Beeman/Played by