Who Won The Voice Kids 2018 Netherlands?

Who Won The Voice Kids 2018 Netherlands?

Fabiënne Bergmans
The Voice Kids (Dutch season 1)

The Voice Kids
Hosted by Martijn Krabbé Wendy van Dijk
Coaches Angela Groothuizen Marco Borsato Nick & Simon
Winner Fabiënne Bergmans
Runner-up Dave Dekker & Vajèn van den Bosch

Who are the judges from The Voice Kids Netherland 2021?

Coaches and hosts

  • Current Coaches.
  • Ilse DeLange (2016–2019, 2021–)
  • Sanne Hans (2020–)
  • Snelle (2021–)

Who Won The Voice of Holland Season 11?

Dani van Velthoven
Series overview

Season First aired Winner
10 8 Nov 2019 Sophia Kruithof
11 20 Nov 2020 Dani van Velthoven
12 7 Jan 2022 Season suspended

Who won the voice Holland Season 4?

Julia van der Toorn
Marco Borsato and Trijntje Oosterhuis were the only coaches from season 3 to return for season 4….The Voice of Holland (season 4)

The Voice of Holland
Coaches Marco Borsato Trijntje Oosterhuis Ilse DeLange Ali B
Winner Julia van der Toorn
Winning coach Marco Borsato
Runner-up Mitchell Brunings

Is Justine from The Voice UK is a Filipino?

On 29th August 2020, the finale of the British singing competition show, “The Voice Kids”, Justine has been crowned the champ for this season and she was in utter surprise as she couldn’t believe that she won….Justine Afante.

Name Justine Afante
Nationality British
Ethnicity Filipino
Profession Singer
Parents Renea Tandog Afante