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What is the full name of silencer?

What is the full name of silencer?

Chatur Ramalingam aka ‘Silencer’ : Everyone has breasts.

What is the summary of the 3 Idiots?

In college, Farhan and Raju form a great bond with Rancho due to his positive and refreshing outlook to life. Years later, a bet gives them a chance to look for their long-lost friend whose existence seems rather elusive.3 Idiots / Film synopsis

What is the character of Rancho in 3 Idiots?

Aamir Khan as Ranchhoddas “Rancho” Shamaldas Chanchad / Chhote / Phunsukh Wangdu, one of the titular trio in the engineering college who vanishes after graduation and whom his two friends hunt for ten years while telling stories of their time in college together.

What’s a silent gun called?

A silencer, also known as a sound suppressor, suppressor or sound moderator, is a muzzle device that reduces the acoustic intensity of the muzzle report (sound of a gunshot) and the recoil when a gun (firearm or air gun) is discharged, by modulating the speed and pressure of the propellant gas from the muzzle and hence …

Who is the real Rancho in 3 Idiots?

Wangchuk came into the spotlight in 2009, when his story inspired Aamir Khan’s character Phunsukh Wangdu or Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad (Rancho) in the Rajkumar Hirani directed film 3 Idiots. He has been referred as “The real life Phunsukh Wangdu”.

What is the moral lesson in 3 Idiots?

Don’t run behind the success: Don’t run behind the success, achieve excellence first, the success will automatically come looking for you. Creativity: Be always creative in your answers, work & things you do which helps you become more capable of your own.

Is Pia older than Rancho?

Pia Sahastrabuddhe was the youngest daughter of the college director. She was the one that pursued to be a doctor from her dad Viru Sahastrabuddhe. She showed strong fondness and passion for Ranchoddas Shamaldas Chanchad while also being engaged to a manipulative husband Suhas Tandon.

Who is Ranchod Das Chanchad in real life?