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Did Maori come from the Cook Islands?

Did Maori come from the Cook Islands?

Māori and the Cook Islands It is likely that some New Zealand Māori can trace their ancestors to the Cook Islands. Cook Islanders have rekindled links with some Māori tribes, most notably Tainui in the 1990s, when they considered building an ocean-going vaka (canoe).

Where did Cook Islands originate from?

Located in the heart of Polynesia, the Cook Islands are scattered across 2 million square kilometers of the South Pacific and were originally discovered by French Polynesian voyagers in 800 AD who departed Tupua’I and first arrived in Rarotonga.

Is Rarotonga near Tonga?

Distance from Tonga to Rarotonga The geographic midpoint between Tonga and Rarotonga is in 493.89 mi (794.83 km) distance between both points in a bearing of 94.93°. The shortest distance (air line) between Tonga and Rarotonga is 987.77 mi (1,589.67 km).

Are there snakes in the Cook Islands?

7. There are no snakes or spiders on the islands. The Cook Islands are home to a variety of marine life, tropical flowers and plants. However, there’s not a snake or poisonous spider in sight.

Who brought Christianity to Cook Islands?

Ex-ironmonger John Williams hit on the idea of using converted Polynesians to spread the gospel to the islands to the west. He sent two Raiateans to Aitutaki in 1821 and others followed shortly after to Mitiaro, Mangaia, Mauke and Atiu.

What is the difference between Māori and Cook Island Maori?

Cook Islands Māori is closely related to New Zealand Māori, but is a distinct language in its own right. Cook Islands Māori is simply called Māori when there is no need to disambiguate it from New Zealand Māori, but it is also known as Māori Kūki ‘Āirani (or Maori Kuki Airani), or, controversially, Rarotongan.

Who founded Cook Islands?

The Cook Islands were first settled around AD 1000 by Polynesian people who are thought to have migrated from Tahiti, an island 1,154 kilometres (717 mi) to the northeast of the main island of Rarotonga.

When did the gospel arrive in Aitutaki?

As the arrival of John Williams and Papehia on Aitutaki in 1821 launches the 200 years celebrations of the Gospel arriving to the Cook Islands, is it a good time to look at the change that this Gospel brought not just to the spiritual lives of those who were confronted by its message but also the political, social and …