Can anyone get admission in FMS Delhi?

Can anyone get admission in FMS Delhi?

Faculty of Management Studies (FMS) Delhi has extended the last date to apply for admission 2022 till January 11, 2022 and is now open with its application process….Register now for latest MBA Exam & Admissions Updates.

FMS Admission 2022 Activity Important Date
Last date to Apply for Admission 2021 January 11, 2022

Is it tough to get admission in FMS Delhi?

Answer. It would not be easy to get admission to FMS as it’s one of the top college. In this college many students will be competing for limited seats. So you have to study hard to take admission in this college.

Can I get admission in FMS without cat?

Answer. The only way to get into FMS is through CAT. There is no other way.

What score is required for FMS?

The CAT score required for getting a call from FMS Delhi is mostly 99 percentile. FMS Delhi cutoff is calculated as per the composite score in CAT . Candidates who are interested in FMS Delhi MBA admission 2022-24 are required to fill out its application form online.

Does FMS require work experience?

Work experience is neither mandatory nor it is taken into consideration for admission to MBA in FMS.

Is FMS tougher than IIM?

1) Brand Value: The IIM brand is stronger than the FMS brand in the common man’s mind. Each IIM has its own brand and FMS, XLRI, JBIMS etc have their own brands as well. Brand IIM ABC is definitely stronger than brand FMS or brand XLRI. Not so much for the other IIMs.

Which is better IIM-A or Iimb?

IIMB also has a significantly higher top tier publication output than IIMA and thus a higher recognition among top management schools worldwide. Such publications help management schools move up in worldwide rankings as well as help in increasing graduate salaries.

Does FMS look at academics?

I am assuming you are from general category. Based on your overall academic profile, you will need to score atleast 99.4 percentile in CAT to get a call for the next round of FMS.