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What is MEWPs training?

What is MEWPs training?

MEWP Operator Training This training course instructs an operator to prepare and safely operate various types of MEWPs, also referred to as cherry pickers, aerial lifts or scissor lifts. The training course for Push Around Vertical (PAV) MEWPs takes half a day and Insulated Aerial device (IAD) MEWPs takes two days.

How long is MEWP training good for?

Training consists of hands-on “field” training that covers both MEWP fundamentals and documented testing that’s specific to the MEWP equipment. Training must be refreshed every three years to maintain certification.

What does MEWPs stand for?

Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWPs)

Do passengers in a MEWP need to be trained?

As an Occupant (passenger) in an aerial lift (scissor lift, boom lift, bucket truck, etc. ) you are now required to have familiarity training on the specific lift you are working in and for every lift you ride in, have familiarity on how to use the controls to lower the lift in an emergency.

What is MEWPs manager?

MEWPs for Managers is aimed at those who plan, supervise or manage work at height with Mobile Elevating Work Platforms (MEWPs). Can be completed via eLearning or at an IPAF-approved training centre (one day course).

What must be checked on all MEWPs before use?

Check all stabiliser legs and extendable parts are operational before use. A full risk assessment should be carried out at the site of any job to identify any potential hazards such as overhead power lines or underground services, and to check the ground conditions.

Can you operate a MEWP alone?

Personal Safety Device: As many workers operating MEWPs are doing so alone, there may be times where help could be hard to obtain. Having a personal safety device ensures that if a worker was to fall, then an alarm would be raised automatically due to the responsive Man Down feature on our lone worker alarms.

What is the main difference between group A & B MEWPs?

MEWPs are classified into two groups: Group A: MEWPs with platforms that move vertically but stay inside the tipping lines. Group B: All other MEWPs, typically boom-type MEWPs where the platform extends past the machine’s chassis.

How many classifications of MEWPs are there?

MEWPs will now be classified into “groups” and sub-divided into three “types.” Group classification is determined by whether the lift stays within the tipping lines or moves beyond the tipping lines.

Do I need a licence to operate a MEWP?

Does a passenger in a MEWP require a licence before they can go in a MEWP? No, only the operator requires a licence. However, the passenger will be required to wear the correct PPE.

Who should provide MEWP training?

MEWP-specific training must be provided to operators and their supervisors by a qualified person and must be presented in a both a language and vocabulary the trainee can understand. Operators – Can only operate MEWPs on which they have been trained, familiarized, and authorized to operate.

How long is IPAF course?

one to two days
How long does IPAF training take? Depending on the training, courses generally last one to two days and are a mixture of theory (unless eLearning has been completed beforehand) and practical with a written and a practical test. See the MEWP, MCWP and Construction Hoist courses page for more details.