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Where Have the Olympics been held map?

Where Have the Olympics been held map?

Summer Olympic Games Host Cities(1896-2020)

Beijing (CHINA) XXIX Olympiad 2008
London (ENGLAND) XXX Olympiad 2012
Rio de Janeiro (BRAZIL) XXXI Olympiad 2016

What city hosted the northernmost Olympics?

Helsinki, Finland
Tokyo eventually hosted the games in 1964. Helsinki is the northernmost city at which a summer Olympic Games have been held….1952 Summer Olympics.

Emblem of the 1952 Summer Olympics
Host city Helsinki, Finland
Events 149 in 17 sports (23 disciplines)
Opening 19 July
Closing 3 August

What is the southernmost city to host an Olympic Games?

Since Nagano was the southernmost host city in the history of the Olympic Winter Games, the greatest concern was whether there’d be enough snow.

Which country will host the 2036 Olympic Games?

On 1 July 2021, the Committee chief of the Indonesian Olympic Committee announced that Indonesia will bid for 2036 Summer Olympics after they failed to secure the 2032 edition, in their efforts to being the first South East Asian country to host the Olympics.

What Olympic host city is now a part of a different country?

Beijing Olympics then and now: Why the 2008 and 2022 Games feel worlds apart. The country hosting the 2022 Winter Games is no longer rising — China has risen, confident in its place in the world as an economic and political power.

What Olympic host city is located farthest from the equator?


  • Helsinki, Finland (1952; 60.17° N)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (1912 (& 1956 equestrian events); 59.33° N)
  • Moscow, Soviet Union (1980; 55.75° N)
  • Berlin, Germany (1936; 52.52° N)
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands (1928; 52.37° N)

Can India ever host Olympics?

Other major geographic regions which have never hosted the Olympics include the Middle East, Central Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific, Central America and the Caribbean.