Which is better rg8u or RG8X?

Which is better rg8u or RG8X?

Changing the able to RG-8X drops the loss to 4.5 dB, which is only a minor improvement. (4.5 dB loss corresponds to 36% of the power makes it through.) However, using RG-8U type cable decreases the loss to 2.4 dB (58% of the power makes it through the cable), so clearly the larger cable size has an advantage.

What is the difference between RG8 and RG8X?

RG8 is a thicker 50 ohm cable, at 12 AWG, that can provide a stronger signal than RG58. There is also a version called RG8X, which is thinner at 16 AWG but provides similar signal quality.

Is rg213 better than RG8X?

It depends on the frequency you use the coax on. RG-8 is fine for HF 1-54 MHz, but once you get above that then the loss is higher. At 100 MHz RG-8 loses about 4.8dB. RG-213 has a huge loss of 7.2 dB at 400 MHz & above at 100 feet.

What is RG 8U?

Norden RG 8U is a common type of Coaxial Cable used in a wide variety of residential and commercial applications. This cable as form polyethylene insulation with PVC outer jacket.

What coax should I use for HF?

Steren 205-700 – Best Overall Coax For HF Ham Radio It is a male to male (UHF to UHF) connector with an advanced coaxial capacity, developed from RG-58 to RG -8X. Users find this cable useful enough, as it is highly magnetic. Ham radio users have no issues sending signals with this cable because it works well with VHF.

Is LMR 400 the same as RG 8?

LMR-400 was made to replace low-quality RG-8 wires as LR-400 offers high flexibility and a simplified connection with the lowest signal loss. Generally, LMR-400 can be used in each and every application where the low loss of signals is required.

What is RG-8x?

The Belden 9258-500 black low loss RG8X coaxial cable offers similar performance compared to corrugated copper cables but provides high flexibility and simplified connection. This 50 Ohm coaxial cable has a stranded center conductor for greater flexibility.

What does RG stand for in RG6?

Radio Guide
When referring to different types of coaxial cables, RG stands for “Radio Guide,” a designation derived from World War II military specifications.

Which is better LMR400 vs RG213?

In contrast, LMR400 coax cables are better than RG213 in both loss and power handling, shown by the chart below. Since LMR400 has a larger conductor than RG213, the conductor size accounts for RG213 experiencing more signal loss than LMR400.

What is the difference between RG8 and rg213?

RG-8/U is the same diameter as RG-213 (. 405″), while 8x is much smaller (. 242″). RG-8/U is also much closer to 213 in terms of loss, while 8x suffers almost twice the loss per 100 feet.

Is RG-8X good for HF?

Remember that RG-8X was designed for HF use where the extra weight of RG-8 could cause wire dipoles to sag, stretch, and change resonant frequency.