Do bee swarm traps work?

Do bee swarm traps work?

Swarm traps are really good for catching your neighbor’s honey bees, but if your neighbors don’t have honey bees then you’re left trying to catch feral swarms. But, again, those bees are not going to want to move into a crowded area. It’s time to bring the swarm traps in for another long, wet winter.

When should I put out honey bee swarm traps?

Swarm traps should be out in the spring. That means that by mid April, you should start putting your traps out. Most swarming occurs in May and June, so you want your traps to be ready before then.

How long will bees stay in a swarm trap?

As tempting as it may be, you don’t want to disturb a newly caught swarm. If you try to inspect them too soon, move their location or make changes to their new home in any way, you may prompt them to leave. They should be left completely alone for 1 week.

How many frames should I put in a swarm trap?

I use deeps with 10 frames, a frame or two of comb and the rest with foundation. Full frames because they sure like to build in the open areas first.

Do you put frames in a swarm trap?

Frames are not a must, but they make it much easier to move a swarm into their permanent hive later. Swarms are geared to make wax and tend to draw comb quickly. Without frames, they can quickly attach combs to the lid of the swarm trap. When using frames in a swarm trap, do not use foundation.

How big should the opening be in a swarm trap?

The optimal entrance size is two square inches. Many of my swarm traps use a broken corner as an entrance, but quite a few use a 1.5″ round hole drilled with a hole saw.

What direction should a swarm trap face?

Place your swarm trap on a post, stand, tree or building at least 2.5m high. Bait hives should always face away from prevailing winds but receive morning sunlight if possible. In the southern hemisphere, orienting the entrance to the east or north is preferable.

How deep should a swarm trap be?

The upper limit of the bee swarm trap volume should be 60 liters. The average 10-frame Langstroth beehive deep box is 43 liters in volume. The minimum dimensions of the bee swarm trap should be 9 inches in height, 10 inches in width and 20 inches in length.