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Is it OK to show navel in saree?

Is it OK to show navel in saree?

Many women (and men) would argue that there’s nothing wrong with showing the belly button when wearing a saree. It’s perfectly fine for you to wear sarees underneath your navel, but it might be seen as inappropriate by some people regardless of how widely accepted or legal the practice may be.

How do you show your navel?

If you want your navel to be highlighted, get blouses that are clearly show off your midriff. Go for blouses that are short, or for crop tops. You can even try halter neck blouses or one sided off shoulder blouses. These blouses will definitely show off the navel without in an elegant manner.

Can u post your navel in saree Quora?

In his work Daily Code for the Laity (1898), the Buddhist leader Anagarika Dharmapala wrote that a sari blouse must be long, fully covering a woman’s breasts, midriff, navel, and back. A bare midriff can be anything that shows the front parts of your body.

Can we wear saree above navel?

Don’t wear it too high or too low On the navel or just an inch below the navel fits just rightly. Tying it too high or low is not only unpleasant but will also make it uncomfortable for you to even move around.

Why is saree so seductive?

Drape it in modern style or traditional; it will always be an attention grabber, not to forget all the drools you get! Every girl would like to show off her curves. Undoubtedly, it makes any figure look sexier. Nothing can be sexier and wonderful than a saree and Indian men say yes too.

What is Saree challenge Quora?

Answered 1 year ago · Author has 438 answers and 8M answer views. Based on my Indian friends , it’s basically a challenge where you post a picture of yourself in the best saree pic and tag another friend. It’s recently started with the corona pandemic as a social media challenge.

Why do girls show navel in saree?

In ancient Indian tradition, the navel of Lord Vishnu is considered to be the source of life and creativity. It is considered to be a symbol of birth and life. That means in ancient India, women would wear sari that bared their midriffs.

How do you kiss a woman’s stomach?

Do it: Hold her hand and slowly straighten her arm. Then gently kiss along the crease on the inside of her elbow. Next, flutter your tongue across her skin and breathe warm air onto the spot. Think of her belly as a double-points zone.