Are Holdsworth bikes any good?

Are Holdsworth bikes any good?

Verdict: Great spec for the price and a good ride too, although it won’t quite be racy enough for true racers. But if you’re after a bike with some heritage to go with its modern components and performance, it could be the ideal match.

Who owns Holdsworth?

Planet X Limited

Industry Bicycle manufacture and accessories
Founder William Frank “Sandy” Holdsworth
Headquarters London , England
Area served United Kingdom
Owner Planet X Limited

What does Holdsworth mean?

Holdsworth Name Meaning English (Yorkshire): habitational name from either of two places in West Yorkshire now called Holdsworth, both probably originally named with an Old English byname Halda ‘bent’ + worð ‘enclosure’.

Are Holdsworth Chocolates vegetarian?

We have been working hard to create decadent truffles, pralines & creams enrobed in the finest dark chocolate, suitable for a Vegan & Vegetarian lifestyle.

What nationality is Holdsworth?

Allan Holdsworth
Born 6 August 1946 Bradford, England
Died 15 April 2017 (aged 70) Vista, California, US
Genres Jazz fusion, instrumental rock, progressive rock
Occupation(s) Musician, composer, producer

Is Holdsworth an English surname?

What does the name Holdsworth mean?

How do you spell Holdsworth?

Holdsworth Spelling Variations As the form of the English language changed, even the spelling of literate people’s names evolved. Holdsworth has been recorded under many different variations, including Holdsworth, Holesworth, Houlsworth, Holdworth, Houldworth and many more.

What does the surname Holdsworth mean?

Where does the name Holdsworth come from?