What size ice chest do I need?

What size ice chest do I need?

When selecting a cooler, remember that about 30-50 percent of its capacity will be taken up with ice. For three people on a day trip, a 40-quart cooler is generally fine. For the same group on a weekend camping trip, a 50- to 60-quart cooler is good.

How many cans does a 14 qt cooler hold?

6 Cans
Pelican 14 Quart Personal Cooler (Dark Grey/Green) | Holds 6 Cans with Ice | 36-Hour Ice Retention | 3-Year Warranty.

What is a standard size cooler?

Regular Sized Cooler: 35-55 Quart This size range of coolers is the most popular and generally a size in this region suits most people’s needs. This size range suits everything for BBQs to family camping trips to boating/fishing as well as most commercial needs.

How big is a 15l cooler?

Capacity: Dimensions are 11.8″L x 9.1″W x 9.1″H inch, with maximum15L capacity. Capacity Wide Opening: Wide Opening for easy loading and unloading.

How do I choose a cooler for camping?


  1. A small camping cooler (25 quarts) is ideal if you are going on a camping trip by yourself for one or two days.
  2. A medium camping cooler (25-45 quarts) is ideal if you are going on a camping trip by yourself for three to four days.
  3. A large camping cooler (45-70 quarts) is ideal if for a weeklong camping trip.

Is Igloo better than Coleman?

In summary, Coleman is the better option for those who have a small budget but yet need a good ice retention performance and handy features such as cup holders, wheels, etc. Igloo on the other hand is the better brand for those who need a bit high-end, more heavy-duty, sportive cooler.

How long does a Magellan cooler hold ice?

This is so important in a wheeled cooler because the longer the ice holds up inside, the more remarkable. You can store food and drink items frozen for more extended periods! Magellan’s product page describes its insulation properties keep ice frozen for up to 10 days!

Are Pelican coolers made in the USA?

Not only is every Pelican Elite Cooler true to size, but many sizes are larger than advertised. The injection-molded Elite Coolers, as well as the rotomolded Elite Coolers, are manufactured in Deerfield Massachusetts, USA.

Where are Pelican soft coolers made?

the U.S.A.
Pelican has a good warranty. My only downfall with this cooler is It was disappointing that it did not come with the lifetime warranty. The only con is it is a little small on the inside of a every need a new I will get next size up and it is made in the U.S.A.

How many cans 15L cooler?

24 cans
The maximum capacity is 15L, enough to store 24 cans (330ml) or 18 cans (350ml), and your lunch, including sandwiches, salads, snacks, drinks and fruits, anything you like.