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What are the natural factors of landslides?

What are the natural factors of landslides?

Landslides are caused by rain, earthquakes, volcanoes, or other factors that make the slope unstable.

What are some examples of landslides in nature?

Debris flows (commonly referred to as mudflows or mudslides) and rock falls are examples of common landslide types.

What type of movement is slide?

The two major types of slides are rotational slides and translational slides. Rotational slide: This is a slide in which the surface of rupture is curved concavely upward and the slide movement is roughly rotational about an axis that is parallel to the ground surface and transverse across the slide (figure 2a).

What causes rotational slide?

Rotational slides occur when the a landslide occurs in a curved manner concave to the sky. When this type of slide occurs, the upper surface of the slide tilts backward toward the original slope and the lower surface moves away from the slope.

What is slide geology?

When large amounts of rock suddenly break loose from a cliff or mountainside, they move quickly and with tremendous force (figure 2). (a) Landslides are called rock slides by geologists. (b) A snow avalanche moves quickly down slope, burying everything in its path. Landslides are exceptionally destructive.

What are the effects of land slide?

The impact of a landslide can be extensive, including loss of life, destruction of infrastructure, damage to land and loss of natural resources. Landslide material can also block rivers and increase the risk of floods.

What are the natural and man made causes of landslide?

INDISCRIMINATE tree felling, construction, mining and quarrying, combined with heavy rainfall, have increased the fragility of the Himalayan mountains, leading to an increase in the incidence of landslides in the region.

Is landslide a natural disaster?

When large areas of soil become saturated on steep slopes, the pull of gravity causes the top layers of the soil to slide downhill, therefore resulting in a landslide. They are a deadly and unpredictable type of natural disaster and are the leading reason for landslides or Rock falls occurring worldwide.

What was the worst landslide in history?

Deadliest Landslides In Recorded History

  1. Haiyuan Flows, Ningxia, China, December 1920 (100,000+ deaths)
  2. Vargas Tragedy, Vargas, Venezuela, December 1999 (30,000 deaths)
  3. Armero Tragedy, Tolima, Colombia, November 1985 (23,000 deaths)
  4. 70 Nevado Huascaran Debris Fall, Yungay, Peru, May 1970 (22,000 deaths)

What is the effect of rotational slide?

Rotational slides commonly show slow movement along a curved rupture surface. Translational slides often are rapid movements along a plane of distinct weakness between the overlying slide material and the more stable underlying material.