How can I check my Tnau result?

How can I check my Tnau result?

Only those candidates can check PG & Ph. D Result who have successfully given the examination. The TNAU Result 2021 will be declared online on the official website, which is The direct link to check TNAU Result 2021 will be provided below.

How is OGPA calculated in Tnau?

‘Overall Grade Point Average’ (OGPA) means the total credit points of the courses completed by the student divided by total credits hours of the courses.

Which course is best in Tnau?

Technology Stream

Sl. Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute, Coimbatore-641003 Seats
7 B.Tech. in Food Process Engineering 30
8 B.Tech. in Food Process Engineering 55
9 B.Tech. in Energy & Environmental Engg. 55
10 B.Tech. in Biotechnology 55

How do you convert OGPA to percentage?

your percentage can be calculated as follows :

  1. Subtract 0.5 from your OGPA: 8.0–0.5 = 7.5.
  2. Multiply it with 100 : 7.5*100 = 75%

How do you convert OGPA to GPA?

GPA = Percentage / 9.5 You can also use the aforementioned calculator to convert GPA to Percentage.

How many seats are there in Tnau?

Get all details related to the TNAU admission 2021 in this article to become acquainted with the complete admission process….TNAU Admission 2021 – Overview.

Specification Overview
Number of seats Constituent colleges – 1600 Affiliated colleges – 3100
Duration of exam 1.5 hours (90 minutes)

Can other state students apply for Tnau?

All admissions are through TNAU Counselling, thus students applying directly to TNAU or its affiliated colleges have to apply for counselling. Only those students who reside in Tamil Nadu and have studied there or are permanent residents are eligible to apply for admission.

Is OGPA and CGPA same?

The Full Form of CGPA/OGPA is‍ Cumulative Grade Point Average/ Overall grade point average. Your semester / term GPA is your Grade Point Average for that one term or semester. Your cumulative GPA is you grade point average for all attempted courses in the program.