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What is the limit of HBL online transfer?

What is the limit of HBL online transfer?

Yes, the per day amount limit for fund transfer facility are as follow: For Savings Account – Rs 100,000 per day (maximum 3 transactions per day) For Current Account – Rs 50,00,000 per day.

How do I start a complaint against HBL?

You can reach out to our respective helplines for any queries or assistance:

  1. General Helpline: 111-111-425.
  2. Remittance Helpline: 111-555-425.
  3. Konnect Helpline: 111-425-111.
  4. Merchant Acquisition: 111-777-425.
  5. Ehsaas Kafaalat Program:111-000-425.
  6. Mera Pakistan Mera Ghar Helpline: 033-77-786-786.

How can I check my HBL remittance status?

Remittance Tracking With just a click of the button, HBL Remittance Tracker enables you to obtain the status of your remittance in real time. All you need to do is to enter the transaction reference number and you will have access to the current transaction status instantly.

What is the helpline of HBL?

011 92 21 111 111 425
Habib Bank Limited/Customer service

How can I increase my HBL transfer limit?

What is the process to change transaction limits?

  1. Login to HBL InternetBanking.
  2. Go to My Account -> Limit Management.
  3. Edit or change transaction limit.
  4. Confirm the transaction limit change through the robo call received on your registered mobile number.
  5. Your transaction limit is updated.

What is withholding tax in HBL?

0.40% per quarter or part thereof upto final payment – Minimum Rs.

Can I receive money from abroad in HBL?

Receive money from abroad With Konnect Home Remittance Account, you can receive money from abroad directly in your mobile account in the most convenient way. Moreover, get a free mobile balance of Rs. 200 against $100 or equivalent on international remittance received.

How can I transfer money from HBL to international bank?

Using your HBL Account, 24/7 Remittance Services are available through and HBL PhoneBanking. You can simply call our HBL PhoneBanking on 600 522 228 (Within UAE) or on +971 600 522 228 / +971 4 3559739 (Outside UAE). Same Day processing time if remittance is sent to Cash Receiving Beneficiary at HBL Pakistan Branches.

How much money can withdraw from HBL ATM?

Debit Cards daily usage limits

Card Type MasterCard Visa
Withdrawal PKR 50,000/- PKR 50,000/-
Purchase (POS) PKR 250,000/- PKR 250,000/-
Funds Transfer PKR 150,000/- PKR 150,000/-