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What can you purchase with a government wide purchase card?

What can you purchase with a government wide purchase card?

The Governmentwide purchase card may be used to (1) Make micro-purchases; (2) Place a task or delivery order (if authorized in the basic contract, basic ordering agreement, or blanket purchase agreement; or (3) Make payments, when the contractor agrees to accept payment by the card.

What is a split purchase government purchase card?

Split Purchase: A split purchase is one in which a cardholder satisfies a requirement that exceeds the micro-purchase threshold by making several purchases from the same or different merchant(s) that are less than the micro-purchase threshold in an effort to permit use of a purchase card or to avoid FAR requirements …

What is the single purchase limit for a government purchase card?

The GPC is used to purchase supplies and services per the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Purchase Cards are used as the procurement method for micro- purchases as defined in FAR 13.2. The Micro-Purchase Thresholds are: $10,000 for supplies/equipment; $2,500 for services; and $2,000 for construction.

What benefits does the DHS purchase card program provide to suppliers?

The Purchase Card Program provides an efficient, low-cost, procurement, and payment mechanism to acquire goods and services, which streamlines traditional federal procurement and payment processes.

How does a government purchase card work?

The Government Purchase Card (GPC) mission is to streamline payment procedures and reduce the administrative burden associated with purchasing supplies and services. The GPC provides “on the spot” purchasing, receiving, and payment authority for individuals other than contracting or purchasing officers.

Is government purchase card a credit card?

A U.S. government purchase card is an internationally accepted credit card issued by individual contractors and available to personnel in all federal agencies under a single General Services Administration (GSA) contract.

How do Government purchase cards work?

What are three examples of misuse of the Government purchase card?

Examples of misuse include: (1) purchases that exceed the cardholder’s limit; (2) purchases not authorized by the agency; (3) purchases for which no funding exists; (4) purchases for personal consumption; (5) purchases that do not comply with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) and/or other applicable procurement …

What are three examples of misuse of the government purchase card?

What practice is prohibited when using a government purchase card?

5.04 Prohibited Purchases The purchase card must not be used for the following: • Long-term rental or lease of land or buildings of any type. Purchases of travel (airline, bus, boat, or train tickets) or travel-related expenses. Cash advances.

How do government purchase cards work?

What is a purchase card holder?

Purchase Card holders and Purchasing Agents are generally in the GS-1105 job series or Administrative Officers. They are authorized to obligate the Government up to the micro-purchase threshold by using a purchase card, BPA or other acquisition method.