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Why was the Vietnam wall so controversial?

Why was the Vietnam wall so controversial?

Opposition to design and compromise The selected design was very controversial, in particular, its unconventional design, its black color and its lack of ornamentation. Some public officials voiced their displeasure, calling the wall “a black gash of shame.”

How long is the Vietnam Wall?

246 feet and 9 inches

What is the first name on the Vietnam Wall?

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

How are names listed on the Vietnam Wall?

HOW ARE THE NAMES LISTED? The names are not listed alphabetically, but rather chronologically by date of death or by date of missing in action, beginning and ending in the center where the two walls meet.

What are the similarities and differences between presenting ideas in photographs versus a poem?

Well, a similarity is that they both tell the same story, and a difference is that one is obviously written and the other is photographed. The fact that photos emphasize the actual visual experience of the wall so that when they read the poem they can truly grasp the gravity of the wall.

How do you get a name added to the Vietnam Memorial?

You can request to have a name added at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund website. 10 more names were added to The Wall in 2012 and the statuses of 12 others were changed.

What didn’t Critics like about Maya Lin’s design for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial?

“I imagined taking a knife and cutting into the earth, opening it up, and with the passage of time, that initial violence and pain would heal,” she recalled. The design was initially controversial for several reasons: its untraditional design, Lin’s Asian ethnicity, and her lack of professional experience.

Who won the war between Vietnam and USA?

Those who argue that the United States won the war point to the fact that the U.S. defeated communist forces during most of Vietnam’s major battles. They also assert that the U.S. overall suffered fewer casualties than its opponents. The U.S. military reported 58,220 American casualties.

Why is the Vietnam Memorial black instead of white?

To achieve this effect she chose polished black granite for the walls. Its mirror-like surface reflects the images of the surrounding trees, lawns and monuments. The Memorial’s walls point to the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, thus bringing the Memorial into the historical context of our country.

What do the symbols mean on the Vietnam Memorial wall?

Each name is preceded (on the West Wall) or followed (on the East Wall) by a symbol designating status. The diamond symbol denotes that the service member’s death was confirmed; the cross symbol denotes the person was missing at the end of the war and remains missing and unaccounted for.

Who made Vietnam War Memorial?

Maya Lin

Who was the highest ranking officer killed in Vietnam?

Robinson was killed during the Vietnam War in May 1972. To date, Greene is also the highest-ranking American officer to be killed in combat in the ongoing Global War on Terrorism….

Harold J. Greene
Buried Arlington National Cemetery
Allegiance United States
Service/branch United States Army
Years of service 1980–2014

How many names are on the Vietnam Wall 2019?

58,390 names

What was the worst part of the Vietnam War?

The deadliest day of the Vietnam War for the U.S. was 31 January at the start of the Tet Offensive when 246 Americans were killed in action.