Why Itachi kill all Uchiha?

Why Itachi kill all Uchiha?

For much of the series’s duration, Itachi was reviled by fans for killing his and Sasuke’s entire clan, the Uchiha clan. In fact, he was ordered to murder them by the leadership of his village to stop a coup d’etat, meaning that he acted in his village’s and Sasuke’s best interests the whole time.

Who is the weakest Kage ever?

10 Weakest Kage In Naruto History, Ranked

  1. 1 Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage)
  2. 2 Gaara (Fifth Kazekage)
  3. 3 The Third Kazekage.
  4. 4 Kakashi Hatake (Sixth Hokage)
  5. 5 Tsunade Senju (Fifth Hokage)
  6. 6 Darui (Fifth Raikage)
  7. 7 Chojuro (Sixth Mizukage)
  8. 8 Kurotsuchi (Fourth Tsuchikage)

Why was Orochimaru so evil?

Orochimaru (大蛇丸, Orochimaru) is one of Konohagakure’s legendary Sannin. [4] According to Tsunade, Orochimaru had a twisted personality even as a child. His sadistic attitude was presumably due to the death of his parents.

Is Orochimaru still evil?

When asked if Orochimaru was still good, Kishimoto answered that Orochimaru is “truly evil” and that he is one of the several “hopeless evil characters” that appear in the series.

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Who is Orochimaru’s wife?

Well, no he does not have a wife, if we assume that orochimaru is heterosexual and not homosexual, then it just isn’t possible, as stated in boruto he has been both male and female. And as Mitsuki was a lab creation, he has no need for a spouse. He seeks immortality not a partner.

What was SAI’s real name?

Sai Yamanaka

Why is danzo evil?

Danzo was a bad person for a good reason the way that he made itatchi kill all of his own clan to obtain all of their sharingan was messed up. But he always did what he did for the leaf village. Danzo wanted to become hokage and was willing to do anything such as teaming up with danzo to get the power of the rinnegan.

Is Kabuto still evil?

Kabuto was inspired by Orochimaru and his hard work to become immortal and learn every jutsu. He managed to learn the Snake Sage Mode and with his newfound power, he could even fight against a team of Sasuke and Itachi. Kabuto would have remained evil if Itachi hadn’t used the Izanami on him

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