What does Salva mean that everything is upside down?

What does Salva mean that everything is upside down?

Salva feels that everything is upside down, because the old woman asks him how he will find his family. She is an adult, but she only has questions instead of answers. Salva works very hard so that the old woman will not send him away.

What was Salva’s worst moment of the day?

The worst moment of the day happened near the end. Salva stubbed his bare toe on a rock, and his whole toenail came off. The pain was terrible. Salva tried to bite his lip, but the awfulness of that never-ending day was too much for him.

Why is Salva so afraid after Marial vanishes?

Salva and Uncle did not know where Marial went that night. They quickly relized that Marial had been eaten by a lion that night. Salva was very upset because Marial was his only friend in their group because they were the same age. Uncle said that he would shoot any lion that came near them.

Is Salva still alive?

Salva became an American citizen and studied International Business in Rochester, New York, while working as president and drilling manager of Water for South Sudan, Inc. He now lives in Wau, South Africa and oversees Water for South Sudan’s operations there.

What happened to Marial?

Marial was gone, there were a few splotches of blood near the path, and they were in lion country, so he was most likely taken and eaten by a lion. It is possible that no one heard anything because it was dark – a lion could easily have crept by without being seen. How does the loss of his friend affect Salva?

What happened to salvas friend Marial?

Marial got eaten by a lion. Everyone was asleep so they didn’t hear the lion come and take Marial. 3. How does the loss of his friend affect Salva?

How old is Nya and Salva?

Throughout the story, 11 year old Nya and 11 year old Salva embark on different journeys. Salva (1985), is running away from the Second Sudanese War. He walks through South Sudan in hope for survival and shelter.

How does Nya survive in a long walk to water?

A young girl, Nya spends much of her waking life walking to and from a large pond, miles away from her family’s village. She collects water from the pond into a gourd, balances the gourd on her head, and walks home, where she immediately deposits the water, turns back, and does it all over again.

What did the old woman give Salva?

What does the old woman give Salva before he leaves with the others? She gives him peanuts.

What group does Salva try to join?

Salva Dut was born in a rural village in southwestern Sudan to the Dinka tribe. At 11 years old, the Sudanese Civil War reached his village and separated Salva from his family. He joined thousands of boys, famously known as the “Lost Boys,” on their journey by foot to seek safety in refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya.

How did Salva feel about buksa?

Part A: Based on the text in Chapter 4, how did Salva feel about Buksa? – Salva disagreed with Buksa. – “By now Salva had caught the feeling of excitement.” – “Salva frowned and shook his head.” – “Just then Buksa stopped walking.

Is Nya real in a long walk to water?

Nya is not a real person. She is a fictional representation of many children who live in South Sudan. If she were a real person, she would be very happy to know that you have read about her and are interested in her story!

Why was Akeer’s laugh like music?

Explain how Akeer’s laugh “was like music.” What caused her illness? Her laugh was like music because it means she is feeling better; she is nearly her old self after being treated at the clinic. She became sick because of the dirty water. The solution is to boil the water.

How many trips did Nya take to the pond each day?

The novel begins as two stories, told in alternating sections, about two eleven-year-olds in Sudan, a girl in 2008 and a boy in 1985. The girl, Nya, is fetching water from a pond that is a two-hour walk from her home: she makes two trips to the pond every day.

What tribe is Nya from?

It blends the true story of Salva Dut whose story is based in 1985, a part of the Dinka tribe and a Sudanese Lost Boy, and the fictional story of Nya whose story is based in 2008, a young village girl that was a part of the Nuer tribe.