What did Oedipus say when he blinded himself?

What did Oedipus say when he blinded himself?

The metaphor of eyes, seeing and blindness by Sophocles is used extensively thoughout the text. When Teiresias tells Oedipus that he is the killer that he seeks, Oedipus tells him in line 503 “You have no truth, you’re blind. Blind in your eyes.

What did Oedipus do to punish himself for his crime?

In this play, Oedipus discovers that he is guilty of some of the most horrific actions imaginable to the Greek mind (or to any mind): he has killed his father and married his mother. Regarding his punishments, one of them is self-inflicted: he blinds himself.

What is the original punishment for burying Polyneices?


What 3 reasons does Oedipus give for blinding himself?

The reasons Oedipus gives for his self-blinding are he couldn’t look at his parents when he dies, he could not look at his children, and he could not look at his city.

Is Oedipus acting as he is guilty or innocent?

Oedipus is neither guilty nor innocent. Although he killed his father and married his mother, he was destined to do this. This is his fate.

Is Polyneices Antigone’s brother?

Polyneices is the brother of Antigone, Ismene and Eteocles. His name means ‘many troubles’, and he’s generally remembered as ‘the bad brother’, because he attacked Thebes with a foreign army.

How did Laius die?

Being angered, Laius either rolled a chariot wheel over his foot or hit him with his whip, and Oedipus killed Laius and all but one of his attendants, who claims it was a gang of men. Laius was buried where he died by Damasistratus, the king of Plataea.

Did Antigone deserve to die?

Antigone rejects her, but she does not deserve to die with her. Ismene swears she will bury Polynices herself then.

Why did Oedipus stab his eyes out?

Oedipus acknowledges that his hubris has left him blind to the truth and is too ashamed of himself to witness the citizens’ reactions. Overall, Oedipus chooses stab out his eyes as a way of punishing himself for his hubris and ignorance.

How does Oedipus see himself?

At the opening of Sophocles’s Oedipus Rex, Oedipus views himself as a “world-renowned king” and as zealous, ruthless, and obdurate in the pursuit of truth. Oedipus also believes that he has a greater depth of feeling than any of his people.

Who is Oedipus’s wife?

What finally becomes of Oedipus?

He will leave since the truth is known, and Creon will become king. What finally becomes of Oedipus? He lives in self-exile on Mt. Cithaeron where he should’ve died for an infant.

Can Oedipus avoid his fate?

character Oedipus from Oedipus the King discovers that home cannot leave him when he attempts to leave Corinth to avoid his prophecy, only to fulfill it. Oedipus and Neo cannot rid their fate, and they cannot escape their roots of existence. Click to see full answer.

Should Oedipus be blamed for his actions was he right to punish himself?

Answer: Yes, Oedipus shoukd be blamed for what he had done. But there is alot of controversy with this question because Oedipus was told of his horrid fate and did punish himself by stabbing his eyes out.

Who killed eteocles?


Why does Oedipus blind himself rather than kill himself?

Oedipus Lessons and Questions Oedipus blinds himself out of shame because he does not want to see what he has done. He now has a new spiritual sight and cannot stand the consequences of possessing it. This in addition to Jocaste’s suicide, presses him to blind himself.

Why did Jocasta kill herself?

Jocasta kills herself because she engaged in an infamous double bond between child and husband. Meaning, she felt extreme guilt and disgust because she slept with Laius, had a child, and then later slept with this child.

Who is the biggest victim in Oedipus?


Who went with Creon to bury Polyneices?

Creon learns from a sentry that someone has buried Polyneices. Creon demands that the sentry discover who did it. He threatens the sentry with death if he can’t figure it out. The sentry brings Antigone in and reports that she was the one who buried Polyneices.

Is Oedipus morally guilty?

The simple answer is that Oedipus is guilty of two crimes: killing the king and incest. While traveling on the road one day, Oedipus meets King Laius. Oedipus is certainly guilty of these crimes, but it seems unreasonable to give him the most extreme punishment. After all, he had no idea he was committing them.