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What can I say instead of of course?

What can I say instead of of course?

What is another word for of course?

certainly absolutely
definitely indeed
clearly obviously
undoubtedly yes
indisputably indubitably

How do you say of course in a formal way?


  1. absolutely.
  2. certainly.
  3. definitely.
  4. of course.
  5. positively.
  6. surely.
  7. undoubtedly.
  8. unquestionably.

How do you say thank you in a flirty way?

Different Ways to Say Thank You

  1. You read my mind!
  2. You are wonderful, generous, and kind.
  3. How did you know?
  4. I really appreciate it.
  5. I’m forever grateful.
  6. Much appreciation.
  7. I really needed this!
  8. You’ve really inspired me.

How do I choose a course?

10 steps to choosing a course you are truly interested in

  1. 1) Identify which category you fall under. High School Leaver.
  2. 2) Ask yourself why you want to study. Category.
  3. 3) Decide on what career you want.
  4. 4) Study Destination.
  5. 5) Mode of study.
  6. 6) Identify the most important factors you are considering.
  7. 7) Research.
  8. 8) Narrow down your options.

What should I say after she says thank you?

29 Initial Responses To A Thank You

  • You are welcome. This is the standard response to a person saying thank you.
  • No problem! If you are answering via a text message, you might say to someone, “NP” for short.
  • Anytime!
  • It was my pleasure.
  • No worries!
  • I’m happy that I was able to help!
  • It was the least I could do!
  • Sure!

What is a good sentence for course?

Course sentence example. Of course , he was just a kid. The service on Christmas Eve day was, of course , about Jesus. She carried a chair to a spot that wouldn’t be visible on a course from the path to the door, and sat down.

Does of course mean yes?

Can you help me

How do you name a course?

How to Craft The Perfect Online Course Title

  1. Step 1: Identify Your Target Audience. Describe your audience using demographic information.
  2. Step 2: List Target Keywords and Phrases. Use keyword research tools.
  3. Step 3: Write a Catchy, Accurate, and Benefit-Driven Title. State the big benefit.

Do you put movie titles in quotes?

Italics are used for large works, names of vehicles, and movie and television show titles. Quotation marks are reserved for sections of works, like the titles of chapters, magazine articles, poems, and short stories. Let’s look at these rules in detail, so you’ll know how to do this in the future when writing.

What’s a good title?

n. ownership of real property which is totally free of claims against it and therefore can be sold, transferred, or put up as security (placing a mortgage or deed of trust on the property).

Is Anytime a good response to thank you?

We say thank you when we want to show our appreciation or gratitude for something that somebody else did. We say anytime in response to thank you. Anytime is similar to you’re welcome, no problem, my pleasure, not at all, glad to help, of course, etc.

What is a good response to thank you?

You’re welcome. No problem. No worries. Don’t mention it.

What does courses mean in English?

noun. a direction or route taken or to be taken. the path, route, or channel along which anything moves: the course of a stream. advance or progression in a particular direction; forward or onward movement. a program of instruction, as in a college or university: a course in economics.

Is it rude to say of course?

‘Of course. ‘ This is such a useful English phrase, but be careful. If you use it wrongly people might think you’re angry or when you’re not, or they might think that you think they’re stupid. ‘Of course’ is a dangerous phrase because it can be polite or it can be rude.

How do you cite a movie character?

The easy part: According to MLA Handbook, you cite a movie as: title underlined (we often use italics instead of underlining), director, distributor, and year released. You may mention writers, actors, and/or producer. Example: It’s a Wonderful Life.

What do you say after giving a girl a compliment?

If a girl texts you ‘thanks’ after a compliment, what do you respond with? Reply with a cute smiley and say “you are welcome”. It’s now on her if she wants to continue the conversation at this point. Don’t force to continue conversation.

What does every girl want to hear from a boy?

13 Things EVERY Girlfriend Wants To Hear More Often!

  • ‘I don’t care whether or not I am your first love… But I definitely want you to be my last.
  • ‘Are you secretly a magician or something?
  • ‘I love how you’re so passionate about this.
  • ‘Hey, don’t worry.
  • ‘I can’t take my eyes off you…’

How do you tell a girl she’s smart?

There’s a lot of ways to tell someone they’re smart without sounding pretentious or surprised.. You can just say “You are so smart!” So long as it’s in the right tone, not condescending. Don’t make it sound like “WOW you’re so smart.” (I hope that makes sense.)

What is the answer of my pleasure?

Answer. “My pleasure” is an idiomatic response to “Thank you.” It is similar to “You’re welcome,” but more polite and more emphatic. Use it in formal conversation when someone thanks you for doing a favor, and you want to respond in a way that tells them that you were very happy to help and that you enjoyed it.

How a girl responds to a compliment?

Thanks for the Compliment Reply “Thanks so much – I really appreciate you saying that.” “Thank you – that was really sweet to say.” “Wow, thanks so much.” “Thanks – that means a lot.”