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How do you quote a few sentences?

How do you quote a few sentences?

Introduce the quote using your own words followed by : a colon – if you have written a complete sentence – or a comma if you use a phrase such as ‘according to’ along with the authors name. End the quote with a fullstop and the footnote number.

What is a problem or problems in a story?

A problem in a story is a conflict that affects the characters or causes big disasters but is usually solved at the end.

Why is sulekha called Bholi?

Answer: Sulekha is called ‘Bholi’ because she is a simpleton due to her suffering some brain damage after falling off a cot when she was ten months old. As a result, she is not as smart as children of her age.

Why did Bholi not marry bishamber?

Bholi loved her parents very much. So, for the sake of their respect and happiness, she had accepted to marry Bishamber. When Bishamber demanded rupees five thousand as dowry and insulted her father, she refused to marry him to save Ramlal’s self respect.

What is the difference between a theme and a message?

Message is a specific example of that theme in action. Theme is big stuff. Theme is joy, peace, and love. Message, on the other hand, is found in the specific story situations that illustrate the thematic principles. Your message is your story’s theme in action.

What social attitudes are presented in the story Bholi?

Answer. Answer: Social discrimination against women has been highlighted in the narrative of ‘Bholi’ where women are considered a liability, a burden to be borne till they are eventually disposed off in marriage.

Can you put two in-text citations next to each other?

If one idea in your paper corresponds to information in more than one source, you can reference both sources in the same sentence and in-text citation parenthesis. For example, an in-text citation in APA format in this situation would look like this: Two studies (Miller, 2015; Smith, 2016) have concluded that…

What do you call to the problem in the story?

Answer: problem in a story is conflict.

Why did Bholi not want to go to school first what did she realize later?

Answer: she thought like her cow was sold she would also end up like that. her family was always ignorant of her. she realised later that school was better than her house.

What ideas do you form of ramlal’s personality?

What idea do you form of Ramlal’s personality? Ans: Ramlal was the revenue officer of the village. He was a prosperous farmer and had seven children. He was orthodox.

Why did ramlal not send all his daughters to school?

Ramlal decided to send only Bholi and not his other daughters when the tehsildar asked him to send his daughters to the newly opened primary school to set an example before the villagers. Ramlal and his wife feared sending their daughters to school because no person would opt to marry their educated girls.

Why was Bholi fearful of going to school?

Bholi never knew anything about school. When her father suddenly caught her by the hand, she was frightened because she thought she would also be sold as her old cow, Lakshmi. Bholi is sent to school because her parents thought that there is little chance of her getting married, with her ugly face and lack of sense.

How do you quote two sentences in a row?

To properly cite the ideas of an author who you have paraphrased in two or more sentences in a row, you will need to include a reference to the author and the appropriate parenthetical citation at the end of the last paraphrased sentence.

Why did Bholi talk very little?

1. Bholi had a fall and suffered from smallpox when she was two years old. This damaged her brain resulting in mental retardation and speech disorder. She could not speak well because of her speech disorder and started stammering whenever she tried to speak and uttered the wrong words.

How did finally ramlal’s wife agreed to send Bholi to school?

Answer: Ramlal’s wife send her daughter Bholi to school to make her capable enough to stand in the world with her head held high. Explanation: The question is asked from the story Bholi which is written by the writer K. A. Abbas.

How do you in-text cite multiple sources in APA 7th edition?

When citing multiple works parenthetically, place the citations in alphabetical order, separating them with semicolons. Arrange two or more works by the same authors by year of publication. Place citations with no date first, followed by works with dates in chronological order.

How do you cite multiple pages in APA 7th edition?

Use the abbreviation “p.” (for one page) or “pp.” (for multiple pages) before listing the page number(s). Use an en dash for page ranges. For example, you might write (Jones, 1998, p. 199) or (Jones, 1998, pp.