How do you double space on Mac word?

How do you double space on Mac word?

Here’s how to change the line spacing of a Microsoft Word document to add double spacing:

  1. Open Microsoft Word on your Mac, and then create a new document.
  2. To double space the entire document, select Select All from the Edit menu.
  3. From the Format menu, select Paragraph.
  4. From the Line Spacing menu, select Double.

Does Durham accept EPQ?

Durham University sees the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) as a valuable addition to A-levels or alternative post-16 qualifications.

Does UCL consider EPQ?

The Extended Project Qualification does not form part of our standard entrance requirements, but UCL recognises its value as preparation for independent study, which is key to university-level study.

Will Durham accept lower grades?

If you receive a contextual offer and accept Durham as your firm choice you may also be eligible for a further grade reduction depending on the course you have applied for. If this applies to you then you will be able to see this on UCAS Track.

How do you double space in pages?

Set line and paragraph spacing in Pages on Mac

  1. Select one or more paragraphs, or click the text box or shape with the text you want to change. You can’t adjust the line spacing for text in a table cell.
  2. In the Format sidebar, click the Style button near the top.
  3. Click the pop-up menu to the right of Spacing, then choose an option.

What size is double spacing?

On a typewriter, each line is the height of the font, thus double spacing means twice the font size. So if you’re required to use a 12-point font, double line spacing means 24 points.

Is it hard to get into Durham?

Easy to get into? Not really. It is very competitive, particularly in popular subjects such as law, English and history. The university takes previous extra curricular activity into account.