How do you refer to Malcolm X?

How do you refer to Malcolm X?

Following Nation tradition, he replaced his surname, Little, with an X, a custom among Nation of Islam followers who considered their family names to have originated with white slaveholders.

How would you describe Malcolm X?

Malcolm X was an African American leader in the civil rights movement, minister and supporter of black nationalism. He urged his fellow black Americans to protect themselves against white aggression by any means necessary, a stance that often put him at odds with the nonviolent teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr.

What did Malcolm X say in his speech?

In the speech, which was delivered on Ap, at Cory Methodist Church in Cleveland, Ohio, Malcolm X advised African Americans to judiciously exercise their right to vote, but he cautioned that if the government continued to prevent African Americans from attaining full equality, it might be necessary for them …

What are some differences between Martin Luther King and Malcolm X?

Martin Luther King developed a more peaceful approach because of his positive childhood, and Malcolm Little was more violent because that is what he is used to. Martin Luther King spent his extra time advancing himself in his religion. He went to bible studies, attended Sunday school, and stayed active in his church.

Who died first Malcolm or Martin?

Three years later, on Ap, Martin Luther King was assassinated in Memphis. He was the same age as Malcolm X: just 39. Who killed Alberta Jones, Louisville’s first black female prosecutor?

Why was Malcolm Xa good speaker?

Malcolm X was an extraordinarily gifted public speaker. As an orator, he spoke his mind and expressed his beliefs without hiding who he was. He spoke confidently of his past experience and how they shaped his ideas.