What does SV mean in English?

What does SV mean in English?

sub verbo (plural: sub verbis) or sub voce (plural: sub vocibus), “under the word” (plural: “under the words”); used to refer to an entry in a dictionary or encyclopedia.

What does SV stands for?

AcronymDefinitionSVStroke VolumeSVSmallvilleSVSievert (radiation dose unit of measure)SVSupport Vector (learning algorithms)94

What does SV stand for in Nissan?

Standard Value

What does SV mean in Snapchat?

Summer Vacation. SV. Smallville. SV. Steve Vai (musician)

Whats SB stand for?

SB means “Snapback” and “Somebody.” SB is also used on the social media platform Snapchat, with the meaning “Snapback”. In this context, SB is used when the poster wants another user to respond to a their “Snap” (message).

What does SB mean in lol?

2y. It is probably the abbreviation of pinyin of 傻逼 (Shabi) in Chinese LOL. It means dumbass. 2. Djc0810.

What does IHHT mean in texting?

Institute of Health and Holistic Therapies

What does ALR mean on Snapchat?

A Little Respect

What does ALR mean in Tiktok?

What does ARL mean?

ARLAcronymDefinitionARLAuthority Revocation ListARLAfrico Resources Ltd. (various locations)ARLAverage Run LengthARLAldose Reductase-Like (protein)53

What does AFK mean in GTA?

Away from keyboard

Can you get banned for AFK in GTA?

Can you get banned for doing that? It’s not against the rules but no one really knows if you can get banned for it. R* could call it “exploiting” or whatever and pull the trigger. You’ll never know why since they don’t tell you why they banned you.

How do you AFK in GTA online without being kicked?

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