What does VW startline mean?

What does VW startline mean?

Startline is the cheapest in the range with all basic options through to the Sportline at the top end of the range which has the most features as standard – including larger alloys, interior and exterior design upgrades (seats etc) as well as other refinements such as LED lights..

What is the difference between Trendline and Highline?

Electric windows and heated electric mirrors are standard, but Trendline adds an armrest, side door storage and additional sound deadening. Opting for top-spec Highline adds a heated windscreen, automatic lights and wipers, climate control and a leather-covered steering wheel.

What’s the difference between T28 T30 T32?

We regularly get asked the difference between the T26, T28, T30 and T32 the only difference is the carrying capacity, the T26 meaning it’s a 2.6T gross vehicle weight, T28 is a 2.8T gross vehicle weight etc… with payloads ranging from 749Kg up to 1,292Kg, these vehicles come in a range of engines and bhp starting with …

What is the most powerful VW Transporter?

Volkswagen Transporter According to Volkswagen, a Transporter with the most powerful 204hp 2.0-litre twin-turbocharged diesel engine and the slick automatic gearbox is capable of hitting 126mph, making it undeniably one of the fastest vans money can buy today.

Which is the best transporter to buy?

But the models we see most often are the VW T5 and VW T6. Transporters are ideal vehicles for conversion as they’re solid, reliable and they hold their value very well.

Is a VW T28 and T6?

T27 – 2,700kg or 2.7 tonnes (T6 only) T28 – 2,800kg or 2.8 tonnes. T30 – 3,000kg or 3.0 tonnes. T32 – 3,200kg or 3.2 tonnes.

Which is the best VW Transporter?

Generally speaking, you should buy the newest van you can afford. If you want a Volkswagen Transporter, then the T6 would be the one to aim. However, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far then a T5 would be a good choice, so long as you do your homework.

What is high mileage for a T5?

You can expect a Transporter T6 or T5 to reach at least 250k if well-driven and properly serviced, meaning it should last you well over 15 years. If you’d like to do more annual miles or want a van to last you 25 years without an engine and gearbox overhaul, it’s important to find the lowest mileage possible.