Can part-time Nitec go to Poly?

Can part-time Nitec go to Poly?

1. The bridging programme of up to 180 hours is to ensure ITE graduates who go on to take a polytechnic CET / part-time diploma have sufficient academic foundation to cope with their diploma studies despite attending a shorter part-time NITEC or Higher NITEC. …

What courses are there in ITE?

New 3-Year Higher Nitec

  • Higher Nitec in Accounting.
  • Higher Nitec in Sport Management.
  • Higher Nitec in Electronics Engineering.
  • Higher Nitec in Security System Integration.
  • Higher Nitec in IT Systems & Networks.
  • Higher Nitec in Cyber & Network Security.
  • Higher Nitec in Business Information Systems.

Is ITE difficult?

The modules: it’s very easy. It’s a whole different level when you compare it to Polytechnic. I have done both before, and if you have the same mentality of what you have in ITE, then you will surely fail in Polytechnic.

Can adults take O level?

Adult learners who wish to upgrade their academic qualifications from Secondary One Normal (Academic) to GCE Ordinary (GCE ‘O’) Level are able to do so under the part-time General Education (GE) Programme.

Can you retake ITE?

Can I repeat a part-time Higher Nitec module that I have passed? No, you are not allowed to repeat a module that you have passed.

Is Nitec a diploma?

National ITE Certificate (Nitec) for courses that require completion of GCE ‘N’ Level or GCE ‘O’ Level as an entry requirement, with pre-requisites for certain courses. Technical Diploma for courses that require relevant Higher Nitec / Nitec as an entry requirement.

How long is ITE course?

Currently, ITE offers the two-year Nitec programmes and the Higher Nitec programmes, which are mostly two years, separately. As such, GCE N-Level holders who enter Nitec courses will typically achieve a Higher Nitec after four years.

How many courses are there in ITE?

Choose from more than 100 courses at our three state-of-the-art Colleges!

Do you need laptop for ITE?

If you are enrolled in any of the 52 BYOD courses listed above commencing in 2021, you will need to have a portable computing device for your course learning. This can be a laptop or tablet (depending on the course).

Does ITE have math?

ITE upgraders who enrol into SP’s engineering courses will undertake a structured Bridging Mathematicsprogramme. Students in this programme will take additional Math modules to help them bridge the gaps and strengthen their Math foundation.

How do I know ITE class?

Click the MY CLASS SCHEDULE button to display the My Class Schedule page to verify the classes enrolled. 66. The My Class Schedule page is displayed.