Users' questions

Can you use pressed metal as a splashback?

Can you use pressed metal as a splashback?

Pressed metal make a great option for a kitchen splashback. The panels are large – 1830mm long and either 610 or 915mm high.

Is pressed tin easy to clean?

The pressed metal is easy to clean when left in the raw finish by simply wiping over with warm soapy water using a soft cloth or sponge (no scourers) and drying with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use any scourer or abrasive cleaners as these will scratch the aluminium.

Does Bunnings sell pressed metal?

We reproduce an extensive range of pressed metal panels, Our pressed metal panels, when powder coated, are perfect for use in any bathroom. Create a feature wall, fit out a shower recess or use as a splashback, the only limit is your imagination.

Is pressed tin waterproof?

waterproofed and is free from any loose debris and dust. Pressed Tin Panels® will not be held responsible for incorrect installation or incorrect waterproofing of any area. Powder Coating prior to installation is recommended for all Pressed Tin Panels® presed metal products being used in any wet area.

Can pressed metal be painted?

YES you can paint pressed metal/pressed tin. For the best results it should be undercoated with a suitable primer such as metal etch available from any good hardware store then painted any colour desired using water or oil based enamel in the chosen finish such as gloss, matt or satin.

Does pressed tin rust?

Pressed Tin Panels® aluminium and galvanised panels are a mill grade sheeting they will not rust and are suitable for outdoor use. If you would like to paint or powder coat them, you can find out more about panel coating here.

How do you finish pressed metal?

Is pressed tin heat resistant?

Pressed metal is heat resistant and therefore suitable for use behind stove tops and combustion heaters and BBQ’s when a fire resistant substrate is used in conjuction with a non flammable adhesive.