What jobs are in demand in Kentucky?

What jobs are in demand in Kentucky?

Detailed List Of The Fastest Growing Jobs In Kentucky

Rank Job Title Jobs in 2024
1 Home Health Aid 6,620
2 Physical Therapist Assistant 2,450
3 Operations Analyst 2,390
4 Physical Therapy Aide 1,000

Who is the largest employer in Louisville Ky?

Fortune 100

State Rank Company Revenues ($ millions)
1 Humana Inc. $59,824 mil

What is Louisville best known for?

Today, the city is known as the home of boxer Muhammad Ali, the Kentucky Derby, Kentucky Fried Chicken, the University of Louisville and its Cardinals, Louisville Slugger baseball bats, and three of Kentucky’s six Fortune 500 companies: Humana, Kindred Healthcare, and Yum! Brands.

What is a good salary in Kentucky?

Average Salary in Kentucky

Annual Salary Monthly Pay
Top Earners $80,623 $6,718
75th Percentile $66,290 $5,524
Average $60,787 $5,065
25th Percentile $44,342 $3,695

How many Fortune 500 companies are in Louisville Ky?

three companies
(WDRB) – As recently as 2018, Louisville was home to three companies among the Fortune 500, the United States’ biggest publicly traded firms. Not bad for a city our size. Now we have one: Humana. Kindred Healthcare, one of our previous Fortune 500s, was gobbled up by Humana and private equity.

What is the main industry in Louisville?

Product manufacturing: Automotive, home appliances, bourbon and more. Louisville is a significant center of manufacturing. Within the city’s limits are two major Ford plants, namely the Kentucky Truck Plant and the Louisville Assembly Plant.