What to say instead of it says?

What to say instead of it says?

272 Words to Use Instead of “Said”accusedcorrectedlamentedargueddemurredmumbledaskeddeniedmurmuredasserteddescribedmusedassureddisagreedmuttered63

How do you use mention in a sentence?

Mention sentence examplesHe didn’t even mention her family. If you mention his name to Alex, you’ll find out why she feels that way. There was no point alarming Connie about her situation, so she didn’t mention the conversation with Giddon that had inspired the letter. You’re a mighty good cook – not to mention a good driver.

What is state English grammar?

In English grammar, a stative verb is a verb used primarily to describe a state of being (I am) or situation (I have). It’s how something is, feels, or appears. The situations illustrated by “state” verbs are unchanging while they last and can continue for a long or indefinite time period.

What current state means?

Current State is the terminology used to describe a series of workflows developed to depict business processes as they currently function. During Phase 3 a map is created to reflect all the steps of the process, who is responsible for each step, and the time it takes to complete each task.

How do you use the word state in a sentence?

State sentence examplesOh, what a terrible state he is in! She came tearing upstairs a few minutes ago in a state of great excitement. The state picked her up this morning. She cowered into her hiding place, trying to breathe softly in spite of her state of panic.

How do you use act in a sentence?

Act sentence examplesHe did not act as if it was bothering him. Act like nothing is wrong. Apparently the horse knew the rider meant business, because it didn’t act up again. One does not dress or act like a lady. How did he act strangely? She had to act now. You just have to act like you already know it.

What is a state sentence?

When an offender is sentenced to 2 years or more, this is considered a state sentence. If the offender is given a sentence that is less than 24 months, it is considered a county sentence and the judge makes the decision regarding release. …