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Which Antardasha is good in Mars Mahadasha?

Which Antardasha is good in Mars Mahadasha?

bIf the Mahadasha of Mars is going on and Ketu is in Antardasha, then Mars gives fruit according to its position in this period. If Mars is a yogic planet in the chart and is providing good results, then Ketu, along with it also gives good results to that person.

How do you know if Mars is Benefic or malefic?

The functional benefic and malefic nature is calculated through the ascendant, not the Moon. For Aries Lagna, the functional benefic are Mars, Sun, Jupiter, and Moon. Mars is the Lagna Lord, which is always seen as a benefic. The Sun rules the 5th House of Poorva Punta Sthana, and Jupiter rules the 9th House of luck.

How is Mars Mahadasha for Taurus ascendant?

As the ruler of the 7th house, Mars works as a beneficial planet for Taurus risings. However, its ownership of the 12th house makes it malefic. Hence, overall, Mars is a neutral planet for these natives. Mars mahadasha is usually malefic for Taurus ascendants.

What comes after Mars Mahadasha?

9 Mahadasha Period : Time Span

  • Sun Mahadasha (Surya Mahadasha) : 6 years.
  • Venus Mahadasha (Shukra Mahadasha) : 20 years.
  • Saturn Mahadasha (Shani Mahadasha) : 19years.
  • Moon Mahadasha (Chandra Mahadasha) : 10 years.
  • Jupiter Mahadasha (Guru Mahadasha) : 16 years.
  • Ketu Mahadasha (Ketu Mahadasha) : 7 years.

What happens in Moon Mahadasha?

Moon Mahadasha is a period of 10 years when the influence of the moon on your horoscope is highest. Moon is the representation of mother, femininity, beauty, art, luxury, prosperity, softness, money and love. Therefore, during this time (Dasha), a person may start feeling a sudden rise of interest in art.

Is Mars in Capricorn Benefic?

Mars is exalted in Capricorn because the will-power, strength, endurance, courage, discipline, and perseverance of Mars are most effective in the environment of hard-working and disciplined Capricorn. Hence, the traits of Mars are well expressed and supported by Capricorn which provides great success in undertakings.

What are weak Mars placements?

A weak Mars in a horoscope creates problems in the digestive system of the natives, especially for hot and spicy foods. A malefic Mars also causes the person to become arrogant and jealous. One may frequently get tired and exhausted due to a weak Mars placement in the chart.

What are strong Mars placements?

Mars will remain favourable for a native when the natal Mars is placed in 3, 4, 6, 10, 11 houses of native’s individual horoscope. Among all, 10th house is the most auspicious placement in the horoscope.

Which Mahadasha is good for Sagittarius ascendant?

Sagittarius Ascendant (Dhanus Lagna) born natives will have favorable period during Sun, Mars and Jupiter dasas according to Vedic Astrology. Moon and Mercury dasas will give moderate results. Venus dasa will yield bad results and Saturn, Rahu, Ketu will be somewhat better.