What does Dextrality mean?

What does Dextrality mean?

noun. the state or quality of having the right side or its parts or members different from and, usually, more efficient than the left side or its parts or members; right-handedness. preference for using the right hand or side. Compare sinistrality.

What is an antonym for cyclical?

Main entry: cyclic, cyclical. Definition: recurring in cycles. Antonyms: noncyclic, noncyclical. Definition: not cyclic.

What is an antonym for revelry?

revelry. Antonyms: abstemiousness, abstinence, continence, fasting, frugality, moderation, self-control, self-denial, self-restraint, sobriety, temperance. Synonyms: drunkenness, excess, gluttony, greed, intemperance, intoxication, reveling, self-indulgence, sensuality, wantonness.

What’s the definition of ambidexterity?

adjective. able to use both hands equally well: an ambidextrous surgeon. unusually skillful; facile: an ambidextrous painter, familiar with all media. double-dealing; deceitful.

What means ambidexterity?

Ambidexterity is the ability to use both the right and left hand equally well. When referring to humans, it indicates that a person has no marked preference for the use of the right or left hand.

What are synonyms for cyclical?


  • cyclical.
  • like clockwork.
  • periodic.
  • periodical.
  • recurring.
  • repeating.

What is another name for cyclic?

What is another word for cyclic?

cyclical periodic
periodical recurrent
recurring repeated
repeating returning
like clockwork regular

What is a Bacchant?

noun, plural bac·chants, bac·chan·tes [buh-kan-teez, -kahn-]. a priest, priestess, or votary of Bacchus; bacchanal. a drunken reveler. adjective. inclined to revelry.