What is planting spacing?

What is planting spacing?

Seed spacing is the distance between seeds in a given row and the distance between rows. Poor seeding rates from broadcast planting normally result from poor seed to soil contact, seeds being covered too deep, predation from birds and small mammals or the crowding out of plants.

What is Cellspacing?

Definition and Usage The cellspacing attribute specifies the space, in pixels, between cells. Note: Do not confuse this with the cellpadding attribute, which specifies the space between the cell wall and the cell content.

What is difference between Cellpadding and Cellspacing?

Cellpadding specifies the space between the border of a table cell and its contents (i.e) it defines the whitespace between the cell edge and the content of the cell. Cellspacing: Cellspacing specifies the space between cells (i.e) it defines the whitespace between the edges of the adjacent cells.

What does Colspan mean in HTML?

Definition and Usage The colspan attribute defines the number of columns a cell should span.

What is the difference between Cellspacing and padding?

Cellspacing is the space between boxes. Cellpadding is the space between the content inside the box and its borders. Cell Spacing is used to set space between different table cells. CellPadding is used the space between the edges of the cell and the content of the cell.

What is Rowspan and Colspan?

The rowspan and colspan are tag attributes. These are used to specify the number of rows or columns a cell should span. The rowspan attribute is for rows as well as the colspan attribute is for columns.

What is Cellpadding and cellspacing attributes?

Cellpadding and Cellspacing Attributes There are two attributes called cellpadding and cellspacing which you will use to adjust the white space in your table cells. The cellspacing attribute defines space between table cells, while cellpadding represents the distance between cell borders and the content within a cell.