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How do I dispose of electronics in Bangalore?

How do I dispose of electronics in Bangalore?

Dispose E-Waste in Bangalore in 3 easy steps.

  1. Schedule pickup by visiting
  2. You will receive a call from our team who gives information about price and pickup date.
  3. Pickup team will pick up the e waste from your place and pay you the cash or account transfer during the pickup.

How can I get e-waste Licence in Bangalore?

Required Documents[edit]

  1. Duly Signed Application form.
  2. Site map of the location.
  3. Copy of the latest consent order/renewal issued.
  4. Details of the waste to be processed/day.
  5. Categorical description of wastes to be handled.
  6. Methodology and operational details.
  7. Site evacuation from local authority.

How many e waste recycling companies in India?

India now has 178 registered e-waste recyclers, accredited by the state governments to process e-waste.

How do I dispose of old computers in Bangalore?

E-Waste Recycling Company Near Me Zolopik is a one-stop-shop for all the Recycle old computer & E-Waste disposal information you need. It’s excellent, you can also drop off all your old electronics at the E-Waste collection center at Marenahalli JP Nagar located in the center of the city.

How do I start an e waste recycling business?

Go to the State PCB and ask for permission to start an e-waste business. To apply for approval from the PCB, you need to submit several statutory documents. You will need the necessary approval from the Ministry of the Environment if you wish to import e-scraps as part of your e-waste recycling business plan.

How do I get an e-waste certificate?

Documents Required for E-Waste management authorization

  1. Proprietor Adhaar Card.
  2. Proprietor PAN Card.
  3. GST Certificate.
  4. Rent/Lease/proof of ownership of site.
  5. Factory License/Trade License.
  6. Electricity Bill.
  7. Layout Plan/Naksha.

What is the price of e-waste in India?

Electronic Waste Scrap at Rs 150/kilogram | इलेक्ट्रॉनिक स्क्रैप – L A Traders, Hyderabad | ID: 14705419755.

Is e-waste recycling a profitable business?

According to the study, 5 tonne of e-waste, which would come from about 183 computers, gives a huge profit of Rs 1,78,308. The input cost of 183 computers (from various market sources) is approx. 183×600 (inclusive of the logistics) = Rs 1,09800. Which means a good Rs 1,78,308 is the profit margin for the recycler.