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How do I apply for a Chinese Z visa?

How do I apply for a Chinese Z visa?

  1. Passport. Original passport with at least one blank visa page and valid for at least 6 months.
  2. Passport photocopy. One photocopy of data and photo pages of the passport.
  3. Visa Application Form.
  4. Photo.
  5. Supporting documents.
  6. Proof of legal status of non-American citizen.
  7. Previous Chinese passport or Chinese visa.

How much does a Chinese Z visa cost?

Please prepare your application paperwork according to the instruction below

Chose A Service Level Time needed All Fees
Review Total
Regular Service 1 day $350
Express Service 1 day $380
Express Plus Service 1 day $455

How long does it take to get a Chinese Z visa?

The Z visa should take around 3 – 7 days to process, but it can take longer. If you’ve got this far, you shouldn’t have the visa rejected. You’ll be notified once it has been processed so you can go collect it.

Is China open for Pakistani tourists?

China has major restrictions for travel. Most visitors from Pakistan will not be allowed to travel to China. You are required to have mandatory quarantine.

How much is Chinese visa UK?

4. Fees

Fee category Amount
UK Citizen
Visa Fees Multiple entries / 6Months 90
Multiple entries / 1 year 150
Extra visa fee (3rd working day collection) 15 (for Express Service)

How long is a Chinese visa valid for UK citizens?

Meanwhile, the 5-year multiple-entry China visa is now also available for UK citizens….How long can I stay in China on a 10-year visa?

Visa Type Max. Stay Duration after Each Entry
Tourist (L) 60 days
Business (M) 60 days
Private Visit (S2) 120 days

Can we apply for Chinese visa now?

The Visa Office of the Chinese Embassy remains closed in light of the pandemic. Applicants are strongly recommended not to travel unless for essential and urgent purposes. Starting from May10, 2021, the Chinese Visa E-application Form will be used for all visa applications submitted to the Chinese Embassy in India.

How much is China visa from Pakistan?

Fee category Amount PKR
Third Country Citizen
Visa Fees Single Entry 4500
Double Entries 6500
Multiple entries/6Months 9000