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What is Varargin?

What is Varargin?

varargin{:} creates a comma-separated list. On the right hand side of your example, the syntax is being used to create function call arguments. On the left hand side, it is being used to assign function return values (not concatenation, thanks Stephen!)

In which case would you use Varargin?

For example, if you have written a function which sometimes plots a line plot and sometimes makes a bar plot depending on the value of some flag which the user passes in, but you don’t want to force the user to pass any flags (e.g. a sensible default is the line plot), varargin is a convenient way to handle this …

In which case would you use Varargin in a function you write MATLAB?

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  1. varargin is used when the number of input parameter might change. Basically, it puts all input arguments into a cell array. The number of input parameters is given by.
  2. You can access any of the input values inside the function by.
  3. where ind is the index number of your argument.

Where and why do we use Varargout?

varargout is an output variable in a function definition statement that enables the function to return any number of output arguments. Specify varargout using lowercase characters, and include it as the last output argument after any explicitly declared outputs.

What does Nargout mean in MATLAB?

number of function output arguments
nargout returns the number of function output arguments specified in the call to the currently executing function. Use this syntax in the body of a function only. If the function includes varargout in its definition, then nargout returns the negative of the number of outputs.

How do you parse in MATLAB?

To validate the inputs, you can take advantage of existing MATLAB® functions or write your own validation routines.

  1. Define your function.
  2. Create an inputParser object.
  3. Add inputs to the scheme.
  4. Set properties to adjust parsing (optional).
  5. Parse the inputs.
  6. Use the inputs in your function.
  7. Call your function.

How do you pass an argument in MATLAB?

To pass parameters using anonymous functions:

  1. Write a file containing the following code:
  2. Assign values to the parameters and define a function handle f to an anonymous function by entering the following commands at the MATLAB® prompt:
  3. Call the solver fminunc with the anonymous function:

What is the ARG function?

It is a multi-valued function operating on the nonzero complex numbers. To define a single-valued function, the principal value of the argument (sometimes denoted Arg z) is used. It is often chosen to be the unique value of the argument that lies within the interval (−π, π].

What is Varargout Matlab GUI?

Direct link to this comment. https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/425668-how-to-use-varargout-in-a-gui#comment_626854. varargout is a special variable for matlab function. Used for variable output. It’s a cell array.