What does approximately 2 pages mean?

What does approximately 2 pages mean?

Approximately 2 pages means do not exceed 550 words if double spacing is written. 2 pages means 2 pages. In majority of the universities if you go onto the third page, the tutor would only read until the second page and give marks. The third page would never be read.

What does page limit mean?

It is unclear that their page limit is a maximum number of pages or is a minimum number of pages. If there is a maximum limitation, then you have no problem as you are not passing the limit on maximum number of pages, your paper is in the safe side.

How many paragraphs is 2/3 pages?

A good general rule is two to three paragraphs a page. But there’s considerable flexibility here, too. So, perhaps it’s better to look at paragraphs another way, from the inside. Instead of surveying the paper as a whole, you can count sentences within paragraphs.

What is a 2 3 page essay?

It means the bare minimum he wants is 2 pages. It also means he doesn’t want more than 3 pages, so you have to write enough to provide depth and/or context, but not be too lengthy. 2–3 pages is very doable.