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Can clients contact each other?

Can clients contact each other?

Parties to a matter may communicate directly with each other, and a lawyer is not prohibited from advising a client concerning a communication that the client is legally entitled to make. Consent of the organization’s lawyer is not required for communication with a former constituent.

Can a solicitor speak to another solicitors client?

Solicitors will treat each other with mutual respect and trust. This respect and trust includes not communicating directly with each other’s clients. When providing a legal service, solicitors must be independent and must not be influenced by inappropriate or illegal considerations.

When should a solicitor refuse to accept instructions to act?

12.1 A solicitor must not act for a client where there is a conflict between the duty to serve the best interests of a client and the interests of the solicitor or an associate of the solicitor, except as permitted by this Rule.

Do lawyers talk to each other?

It’s typically conversational, often cordial. Very often, they know each other. Outside of large cities, it’s a very small community of lawyers.

Do lawyers have to talk to each other?

In representing a client, a lawyer shall not communicate about the subject of the representation with a person the lawyer knows to be represented by another lawyer in the matter, unless the lawyer has the consent of the other lawyer or is authorized to do so by law or a court order.

What can I tell my solicitor in confidence?

What is the duty of confidentiality?

  • Uphold the rule of law and the proper administration of justice.
  • Act in the best interest of each client.
  • Provide a proper standard of service to your clients.
  • Behave in a way that maintains the trust the public places in you and the provision of legal services.

Can I fire my lawyer?

Firing Your Lawyer If you do decide to fire your lawyer, you should do so in writing. Your letter should set forth and document any conduct or reasons supporting your decision. It should also give instruction as to where he or she needs to send your file.

Can a solicitor lie in court?

Solicitors will lie on behalf of their clients. Solicitors will not lie on behalf of their clients. To do so would be professional misconduct. I have to explain to those clients that a solicitor is an Officer of the Court and as such is not permitted to mislead the court either deliberately or by omission.

Can solicitors receive gifts from clients?

The Handbook does not impose an outright ban on receiving gifts from clients, nor does it set a maximum value on acceptable gifts. Instead, it says you should consider carefully whether the circumstances and size of the gift would reasonably lead others to think that your independence should be compromised (gC19).