Is Mettaton neo real?

Is Mettaton neo real?

Mettaton NEO is a form of Mettaton specifically designed for human eradication. Alphys’ “greatest invention.” This form of Mettaton only appears in the Genocide Route. In battle, Mettaton NEO does not attack or do anything, likely because this form was intended to be killed in one hit during the game’s creation.

Is Papyrus a girl?

If we are a boy: Papyrus is a Homosexual, perhaps Sans too, Alphys can be both bisexual and a lesbian. Though she prefers Undyne, her dialog suggests that she may also have intrest in the player. And we are gay as well, by dating Papyrus. If we are a girl: Papyrus and Sans are clear.

Is Monster kid a boy or girl?

Monster Kid was referred to as a male in the Undertale Art Book; however, this has been changed to use the gender-neutral term.

What happens if you kill everyone but papyrus?

If you kill everyone but Papyrus on Undertale, you won’t be fighting Sans because the route you would be doing would be a neutral route, and you only fight Sans in a genocide route. Sans calls you, and he tells you about everyone disappearing in the middle of the night. …

Who is stronger Sans or Undyne?

But it is true that, from a perspective of pure stats, Undyne is stronger. Sans just has a fighting style that essentially bypasses stats.

Can papyrus kill you?

If the protagonist loses to him three times, Papyrus grows tired of capturing them and offers to allow them to skip his battle and progress. In the Genocide Route, Papyrus instantly offers to spare the protagonist. However, a single hit kills him. Sparing him aborts the Genocide Route.

What happens if you kill sans but not Papyrus?

The call from Sans says that The Underground has acquired a new ruler. Due to the lack of anyone else qualified, Papyrus becomes the king of the underground.

Why does sans kill you if you spare?

If you imagine that Frisk is the monster in this battle, accepting Sans’ spare offer is akin to your name becoming yellow/pink. Then Sans can attack you in this vulnerable state and it’s a one shot kill. That’s what enables him to put up the bone wall and automatically kill you – something he couldn’t do otherwise.

Who is the true villain of Undertale?