Is EPFL good for engineering?

Is EPFL good for engineering?

EPFL is one of the most prestigious schools in Europe in the fields of engineering, technology and computer science, according to the Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities. Three criteria are emphasized in engineering: First, HiCi, or the number of scientists who are the most highly cited in their discipline.

Is EPFL better than MIT?

Clearly MIT and CMU are rated far higher than EPFL, but some of that may be English-language preference. If you’re interested in having a career in Switzerland, or perhaps Europe, then EPFL may be a good option, as I imagine it’s a LOT cheaper.

Is EPFL a top university?

The QS World University Rankings ranked EPFL as the 14th best university in the world across all fields in 2021, whereas THE World University Rankings ranked EPFL as the world’s 19th best school for engineering and technology in 2020.

Is EPFL well known?

EPFL claims to be “Europe’s most cosmopolitan technical university” – and it has some foundation for this. In the QS World University Rankings 2021, it ranks 12th in the world for the international diversity of its students and 15th for the international diversity of its academic staff.

Is EPFL difficult to get into?

The undergraduate program is set up such that it is easy to get in, but difficult to graduate. If you have completed the final year of the Swiss high school (academic stream), then you can enter any of the Bachelor degrees of your choice.

Is EPFL hard to get into?

Statistically speaking, in the year I have applied, the acceptance rate was one of the lowest ever: only 8%. Around 65 PhD students were selected to start their first year at EPFL out of a poll of around 800 applicants.

How difficult is EPFL?

The difficulty of the courses is on par with the US top colleges, however the shear amount of courses that you haev to worry about at once is what really increases the difficulty. Also, at least in the CS department, the education at EPFL is very theoretical with labs being optional.

How hard is EPFL master?

What GPA is required for EPFL?

Specific requirements for EPFL students To be admitted in the MTE master, EPFL students will need to have a minimum average grade of 4.5 (average grade over the entire Bachelor’s).

Is EPFL good for PhD?

EPFL’s excellence in manifold research fields, as evidenced by its top academic rankings, means that it is an outstanding place for doctoral students to interact with internationally renowned researchers and to work in over 350 laboratories equipped with cutting-edge facilities.

Is it hard to get into EPFL Masters?

The estimated acceptance rate at EPFL is 20%. The institute is quite selective in its process and reviews each applicants’ school records and other credentials.

Does EPFL need GRE?

EPFL’s institution code is 3253 for both TOEFL and GRE reports; no department code is needed. The result of the GRE general test is optional, and the lack of a GRE score will not harm your application.