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What is an SFAR rental car?

What is an SFAR rental car?

SFAR. SUV – compact. P. Premium. ENTERPRISEcar groups: (Only compact/economy cars are reimbursable)

What do car rental categories mean?

Rental companies organize similar cars into distinct “classes” or “categories,” rather than renting out specific models. When selecting a car, you’re actually specifying a group of similar vehicles – not a particular model. That’s why you’ll usually see “or similar” next to the make and model.

What does class convertible mean?

Convertible Options From Budget A convertible is a car that has a soft top roof so you can fold it down and drive roofless, with the wind in your hair. Rent a convertible from Budget and add some fun and adventure to your next trip in a vehicle that combines the pure pleasure of driving with a relaxed, roofless ride.

What is the difference between a full-size SUV and a premium SUV?

What’s the difference between a premium and standard SUV? A premium SUV rental offers more space and features than a standard SUV. While a standard SUV usually seats 5 people, a premium SUV has room for 7-8 passengers and offers more bells and whistles.

Which is bigger midsize or standard SUV?

While midsize SUVs are smaller than standard (full-sized) SUVs, they still offer drivers many benefits. They are roomy, reliable, and powerful. While standard SUVs might be more challenging to handle than mid-size models, they often provide drivers with more capabilities.

What are national full size cars?

Rental Car Vehicle Types

Alamo Payless
Full-size: Ford Fusion, Nissan Altima, Dodge Charger Ford Fusion
Premium: Nissan Maxima, Chrysler 300, Toyota Avalon Ford Taurus
Luxury: Cadillac ATZ, Lincoln MKZ Lincoln MKS
Minivan: Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town and Country Dodge Caravan

Does enterprise charge by the day?

At Enterprise, we do not charge customers more for returning a car early, and you will only be charged for the days you had the vehicle (excluding prepaid reservations).

What is a roadster vs convertible?

A common question among convertible buyers is what the difference between a cabriolet and a roadster is? A cabriolet is a soft-top or drophead coupe with roll up windows, whereas a roadster does not have roll up windows. A roadster has all the characteristics of a normal sedan including wind up windows.