Who is Klyde Warren Park named for?

Who is Klyde Warren Park named for?

Kelcy Warren
19, 2012) – The Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation Board announced today that the 5.2-acre public green space in downtown Dallas will officially become Klyde Warren Park, named after the nine-year-old son of Kelcy Warren, a Dallas-based energy executive.

Who owns klyde Warren?

Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation
Klyde Warren Park is owned by the City of Dallas and privately operated and managed by the private Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

How much does Klyde Warren Park cost?

The fountain is being built from a $10 million private donation. Klyde Warren Park cost $112 million to build, with $55 million in private funds, $20 million each from the city and TxDOT and $17 million in federal stimulus money. The foundation estimates that the park has generated $2 billion in economic development.

Is Klyde Warren Park free?

Is the Park free? Yes! The activities held in Klyde Warren Park are free and open to the public.

Who is klyde Warrens mother?

Bertie Lee Kirby
Born in Gladewater, Texas, Warren grew up in White Oak, Texas, the youngest of four sons of Hugh Brinson Warren and Bertie Lee Kirby.

What highway is Woodall Rodgers?

Spur 366, also named Woodall Rodgers Freeway, is a highway that connects Beckley Avenue and Singleton Boulevard in West Dallas to Interstate 35E and U.S. Highway 75 (North Central Expressway) in central Dallas, Texas.

Who is klyde Warren’s mother?

Is Klyde Warren Park open Covid?

Klyde Warren Park will remain open during regular operating hours, from 6 AM – 11 PM, but we ask that guests please not visit if showing any signs of illness.

Is alcohol allowed at Klyde Warren Park?

The drinking-in-the-park crisis has been averted: Beer and wine can be purchased and consumed in Klyde Warren Park in downtown Dallas. Beer and wine are sold at the park Friday through Sunday. …

Can you drink alcohol in Klyde Warren Park?

Beer and wine are sold at the park Friday through Sunday. The concession is a stand, located in the same area as the food trucks.

Who owns ETP?

Energy Transfer EquityEnergy Transfer Partners / Parent organization

Is Kelcy Warren married?

Amy Warrenm. 2010
Sherry Johnsonm. 1980–1991
Kelcy Warren/Spouse