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How much does GameStop Pro membership cost?

How much does GameStop Pro membership cost?

Reap Your Rewards Level up to PowerUp Rewards Pro for only $14.99/year.

Is GameStop pro a monthly subscription?

That’s like getting your membership for free! What are the benefits of a PowerUp Rewards Pro Membership? The biggest benefit is that each month you’ll receive a $5 reward in your account to use on almost anything in the store or online! That means over a 12-month membership you’ll score $60 in rewards!

Is a GameStop PRO membership worth it?

The potential savings of the pro membership lies in how you intend to use it. Many gamers upgrade to pro simply to get the Game Informer magazine and find that to be justification enough for the membership’s cost. If you are a frequent shopper at Gamestop, then the $5 monthly credit can help you save money.

What does GameStop membership give you?

PowerUp Rewards Pro® Membership The current price for a Pro Membership is $14.99 per year for Members that elect to receive a digital copy of Game Informer (“Digital Members”) and $19.99 per year for Members that elect to receive a physical copy of Game Informer (“Physical Members”).

How do I use my GameStop membership savings?

You have four ways to spend your points:

  1. Use points for in-store GameStop coupons. These physical coupons are known as “Reward Certificates” and can only be used in person.
  2. Get online coupons to apply to your digital purchases.
  3. Give donations to charity.
  4. Renew your Pro membership.

Can you haggle at Walmart?

Walmart and Target. You might think that the country’s two largest retailers wouldn’t let you haggle. There are times you can haggle, if you know what you’re doing. Like other stores on this list, Walmart and Target will let you haggle on items that are damaged or dinged.

What does GameStop give you for your birthday 2021?

Does GameStop give birthday discounts? GameStop. Get a coupon every year on your birthday. The most current birthday offer is 20 percent off the next purchase of a pre-owned game.