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Are Waldan watches good?

Are Waldan watches good?

Waldan utilises “Ameriquartz” movements, made in the USA, to power their highly attractive and affordable Heritage Professional wristwatches that are great for any new collectors on a budget – or even seasoned collectors looking for a bit of fun.

Where are Waldan watches made?

Drawing on components from America and abroad, Waldan’s Heritage wristwatches are assembled, cased up, and tested at Fine Timepiece Solutions’ Fountain Hills, Arizona, factory, where they undergo a range of quality control procedures with the goal of making a durable, reparable quartz watch.

Are Waldhoff watches good?

It looks brilliant – like a far more expensive watch – and the dial’s complexity makes the watch really fun to wear and use. There is a lot going on with the dial – especially with the addition of text on most of the metallic surrounds which I feel goes just a little too far.

Where are Waldhoff watches made?

One of the main selling points of Manufaktur Waldhoff is their claim that they assemble all of their watches in Starck-Uhren’s workshop in Germany. As such all of their timepieces proudly proclaim “Made in Germany” on the dial.

Are Waldhoff watches any good?

Is Waldhoff a good watch?

Sometimes they can just look cheap, and most of the time they’re limited to a small number of certain movements. This is why the Manufaktur Waldhoff Capital Obsidian is a cool, fresh alternative. The strap isn’t the best, but I wouldn’t let that get in the way of an otherwise great watch.

Is Sugess owned by Seagull?

Sugess is trademarked by Shenzhenshi Sugess timepiece development company. The Tianjin Seagull Watch Group manufactures the movement. This watchmaking company is based in Tianjin, China. Founded in 1955, Seagull is the world’s largest manufacturer of mechanical watch movements.

Are Seagull and Sugess the same?

Sugess is Greater China brand since 2010, All Sugess tourbillon watches use the original authentic seagull tourbillon movement. Sugess always strives for excellence in product quality and customer experience.

Are seagulls good watches?

Reviews of Seagull watches are generally favorable, especially considering how inexpensive they are relative to Swiss and German watches. The quality of their watches is solid, especially when bought directly and not from overseas eBay sellers or local Chinese markets.