What is CND spa manicure?

What is CND spa manicure?

CND™ SPA MANICURE. CND’s 4-step system (Soak, Scrub, Masque, Lotion) lets you customize services with a choice of fragrance moods and specialized treatments for deeper care. 60 MIN. * Dry P.E.P. is an excellent option for clients with great. natural nails, who do not build excessive cuticle between.

What is a Marine pedicure?

The Marine Spa Pedicure is an Add-on service to your Pedicure treatment. It consists of Foot Soak, Masque and Scrub. For a full relaxing pedicure experience I recommend booking for a Pedicure Design , Callus Removal and Foot Massage as well.

What should you do after Moisturising and massaging the client’s hands?

After letting the client soak for 3-5 minutes, put her hands dry and apply another coat of cuticle cream. If cuticle trimming is necessary, Formica recommends asking the client’s permission. “Then, I use a sloughing of exfoliating cream and massage he hands and arms, “she continues.

What is a Sea Spa Pedicure?

Rated 3.9 out of 5. You will enjoy moments of comfort, extremely relaxing when being soaked with warm sea salt, eliminating stress, callus remover, fatigue, hot stone and hot towel. This treatment includes services of classic pedicure combined with callus removal to help soften the feet.

How do you do a spa pedicure?

The Essential Steps of a Pedicure

  1. Remove Nail Polish. It might seem obvious to remove your current nail polish before starting your pedicure, but many people overlook this first step.
  2. Soak Feet.
  3. Take Care of Cuticles.
  4. Exfoliate.
  5. Treat Calluses.
  6. Trim and File Nails.
  7. Massage Feet/Moisturize.
  8. Apply Polish/Let Feet Dry.

What is the difference between a regular manicure and a spa manicure?

The number one focus of a basic manicure is your nails. A spa manicure is typically a longer service focused on stress relief and relaxation. A spa manicure typically lasts longer than a regular manicure, and more emphasis is placed on the overall experience, rather than hand maintenance.

What do nail salons put in the water for pedicures?

You can just soak your feet in regular water or do it big by adding things Epsom salt, essential oils, or even things like vinegar to help soften the feet.

What is the difference between a basic manicure and a spa manicure?