What does it mean when someone calls you mysterious?

What does it mean when someone calls you mysterious?

Someone or something that is mysterious is strange and is not known about or understood. He died in mysterious circumstances. A mysterious illness confined him to bed for over a month. Synonyms: strange, unknown, puzzling, curious More Synonyms of mysterious.

How can I be a mysterious girlfriend?


  1. Be emotional, but don’t be too emotional.
  2. Don’t let too many people in on your game of being mysterious.
  3. Try using words people need to look up after your conversation.
  4. When texting, don’t use speak like LOL.
  5. Try to not be stereotyped as “mysterious”.
  6. The trick is to stand out by blending in.

What do you call a mystery girl?

mystery, mystique, mystic, monstrous. flapper girl.

Why is it good to be mysterious?

Mysterious person observes with rectitude and thinks deeply so as to reach to the root of things. Thus, having proper knowledge about the thing they become quick in decision making and give much more valuable guidance than others.

Who is a mystery person?

A mystery person or thing is one whose identity or nature is not known.

How do you act like a mysterious person?

The key to being mysterious is to keep yourself as private and unknown as possible. The easiest way to keep people from learning too much about you is to spend less time with them and talk to them less. Spend most of your free time alone and/or with people that know the real you so that you appear distant to others.

What are the benefits of being mysterious?

Some benefits of seeming mysterious include:

  • An element of mystery can make you appear brilliant and profound, even if you’re average or mediocre.
  • You have the upper hand when you force others to try and figure you out.
  • You can inspire fear because people are unnerved by uncertainty and things they don’t understand.

How do you make a mystery in dating?

The trick to appearing mysterious is to give them just enough information that they want to know more!

  1. Give short, direct answers to questions but do not offer much detail.
  2. Answer in a friendly tone to intrigue them and invite more questions rather than appearing rude and abrupt.