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What is a Bulstat number in Bulgaria?

What is a Bulstat number in Bulgaria?

Bulstat is an owner’s document of the property in Bulgaria which shows the personal data of the owner, the location of the property and a special identification number (Bulstat code). Every real estate owner should have this document on the basis of which the annual tax payment is made.

What is Bulstat register?

The BULSTAT Register is a unified national administrative register that is kept by the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice. Registration of persons in the BULSTAT Register is done on their own initiative at the registry offices of the Registry Agency, located at the headquarters of the district courts.

What is a Bulstat card?

Card registration in the BULSTAT register of immovable property is necessary for tax purposes, as if the foreigner has no registration in Bulgaria it is not recognized for tax purposes on real property. Call the BULSTAT and ask him yourself.

How do I check if a company is in Bulgaria?

Search the Bulgarian Commercial register by the name of a company or a person

  1. Search the Bulgarian Commercial register by the name of a company or a person.
  2. Access the Bulgarian commercial register.
  3. Choose “references”.
  4. Click on “Reference by natural person or legal entity”.

What is Eik in Bulgaria?

EIK validator – EIK comes from the bulgarian for Unified Identification Code – a code issued to companies with which they identify themselves with the authorities and other companies.

How do I register a company in Bulgaria?

Company registration in Bulgaria: basic steps

  1. Choose a name for your Bulgarian company.
  2. Appoint a representative agent for your Bulgarian company.
  3. Deposit the minimum capital (2 BGN for OOD) in the bank account of your company.
  4. Prepare all documents necessary for company incorporation in Bulgaria.

What is trade register number?

A company registration number is a unique combination of numbers and, in some cases, letters. The company registration number (also known as the company number, registration number or simply abbreviated to CRN) is used to identify your company and verify the fact that it is an entity registered with Companies House.

What is Еик?

A kitchen with room for a table and chairs, or with a counter meant for eating on and room for barstools.

Can I start a business in Bulgaria?

Under the Bulgarian Commercial Code, foreign investors can open a business in Bulgaria just like any other local investor. There are no special requirements when opening a company in Bulgaria, except when registering a joint stock company.