Who is the NYC Subway guy?

Who is the NYC Subway guy?

Wesley Autrey
Wesley Autrey (born February 6, 1956) (dubbed by the media as the “Subway Samaritan”, “Subway Superman”, “The Hero of Harlem” and as the “Subway Hero”) is a New York City construction worker and Navy veteran who in 2007 achieved international recognition after he saved Cameron Hollopeter, a film student who had …

Where is Wesley Autry today?

These days, Autrey is a sought-after speaker. He still works in construction and is still raising his girls, who are now 11 and 9.

What does Autrey do for a living?

Autrey does construction work, and he has good instincts about confined spaces. He realized there might be a chance of survival if he could keep the man still until the train passed. It passed over them with inches to spare, so close that there was grease on Autrey’s cap from the train.

What does the subway say when the doors close?

This is a standard announcement that the train conductor makes on subways and other trains, right before the doors close.

How old is Charlie Pellett?

Stock Photo – 59-year old Charlie Pellett smiles as he sits in the recording studio at the Bloomberg headquarter in New York, USA, 18 August 2015. Pellett has been the voice of New York’s subway announcement ‘Stand clear of the closing doors, please’ for the past 15 years.

Would you consider what Wesley Autrey did as heroic explain?

Wesley Autrey. Construction worker Wesley Autrey became a national hero in 2007 when he placed his life in danger to help a stranger who had fallen onto the tracks in a New York subway tunnel.

What is a Subway Hero?

Subway Italian Hero is a flavorful sub sandwich with authentic Italian flavors. Fresh bread is topped with Capicola, Mortadella, Genoa Salami, Provolone, your preferred veggies, oregano, oil and red wine vinegar for a delicious and convenient meal you will love!

What is the history of scuba diving?

Scuba diving is a sport that had its humble beginnings in ancient times. In early Greece and Rome, people used to swim or dive while holding their breath or by using makeshift breathing apparatuses like hollow plant stems. This was commonly practiced during combat or while gathering food and materials from the ocean.

Who is the subway narrator?

The star-studded cast Basketball great and sports analyst Charles Barkley premieres in the ad as the new voice of Subway.

Who does the subway advert voice over?

Charles Barkley
Subway is turning to sports in a new marketing move Avid basketball fans may guess the new spokesperson on the very first listen since the new voice of the brand is none other than the legendary NBA All-Star Charles Barkley.